Mod Podge Photo Flower Pots

Mod Podge Photo Flower Pots

These little flower pots would be wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day, covered in picture of the grandkids.  You could also do as Jenn did and cover them in students picture and give it to the teacher for Teacher Appreciation.

Mod Podge Photo Flower Pots


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  1. I must be doing something wrong because the pictures are not sticking for me. I’m using a ceramic pot I bought from Home Depot and painted it and bought mod podge but the photo is not sticking to the pot. Please help! Love this idea but it’s not working.

  2. She used Mod Podge. If you click the link that says “View This Homemade Gift” it will take you to her site where she explains how she made them. Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. I commented on your picture flower pot on pinterested and posted the question here too. What did you use to make the pictures stay on the pot? I love this idea for teachers or grandparents. It is a great gift!

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