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15 Modest Costumes for Women


Homemade Halloween costumes can make such lasting memories!  So if you’re looking for easy womens Halloween costumes, then check out these best women’s Halloween costumes to dress up as movie characters, animals, princess as well as some scary Halloween costume ideas.


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As always, the Tip Junkie Pattern and Halloween sites have hundreds of pictured tutorials with 115 costume ideas. You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

Best Womens Halloween Costumes

Breakfast at Tiffany's

1.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s ~ A simple costume wearing a trench coat.  It’s the perfect staple to make a cinema costume for Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Inspector Gadget and even Singing in the Rain.

DIY Belle Halloween Costume

2.  DIY Belle Halloween Costume ~ Even adults like to dress up as princess!  This adorable Belle costume comes together fairly easy.  A white apron was sewn with the pattern included and added to a simple blue dress.

Pan Am Stewardess

3.  Pan Am Stewardess ~ Inspired by the television show Pan Am, this adorable stewardess costume was made from a Simplicity pattern and a thrift store find.

Mary Poppins

4.  Mary Poppins ~ You’ll be practically perfect in every way with this Mary Poppins costume.  No sewing is required for this costume, all of the items were store bought or from a thrift store.  The only assembly you’ll need to do is hot glue flowers to a bolo hat.

Wonder Woman Skirt {tutorial}

5.  Wonder Woman Skirt {tutorial} ~ If you are in need of a last minute Halloween costume then this is the perfect tutorial for you. After all, Wonder Woman is an all time super hero favorite that’s perfect for any age!

Carmen San Diego

6.  Carmen San Diego ~ This travel themed costume comes straight from the closet and put together in under 30 minutes.  The key pieces are a purple hat and red trench coat, so if you have those items you’re set.

DIY Strawberry Costume

7.  DIY Strawberry Costume ~ A plain red dress gets a makeover with cardstock and hot glue gun for a sweet costume. {giggle}

Homemade Halloween Costume

Lady Bird Halloween Costume

8.  Lady Bird Halloween Costume ~ This Halloween try morphing into a beautiful Lady Bird owl with this simple costume using a pillowcase and fabric scraps.

What Does the Fox Say?

9.  What Does the Fox Say? ~ Need a last-minute costume that’s fairly easy to put together? All you need for this is the mask and clothes you probably already have around the house.

No-Sew Halloween Spiderweb Cape

10.  No-Sew Halloween Spiderweb Cape ~ Looking for an easy and inexpensive costume to make? This no-sew spider web cape can be easily made with black felt, ribbon, scissors and fabric glue. It’s perfect for a child or adult and can be worn as a witch costume or spider costume.

DIY Halloween Costume

DIY Medusa Costume

11. DIY Medusa Costume ~ Looking for a costume that’’s a head turner, but don’’t have a lot of time or money to spend on it? A simple flowy white or beige dress, gold cuff bracelets and plastic snakes is what you’ll need.

Homemade Scarecrow Costume

12.  Homemade Scarecrow Costume ~ You probably already have all the clothes needed hanging in your closet.  Plaid shirt and denim.

Dorothy in Wizard of Oz

13.  Dorothy in Wizard of Oz ~ If you can sew a straight line then you can sew this adorable Dorothy costume.  You’ll be skipping down the yellow brick road when you see how easy it is to make.

Tippi Hedren from the Birds

14.  Tippi Hedren in the Birds ~ This Alfred Hitchcock inspired costume from the Birds is perfection.  All you need is some dollar store birds, a gray dress and a 60’s blonde wig.

DIY Flapper Dress

15.  DIY Flapper Dress ~ This flapper costume is a classic!  A plain black shift dress is transformed into a flapper dress by adding layers of fringe.  Sew them on or you can glue them. 15 Modest Costumes for Women

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Modest Costumes for Women

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