Multiply Traffic Using Your Blog Stats {Day 15}

As a blogger, you are creating original content, which you want tons of people to read, and my step-by-step guide to get paid for your content shows you how.  In the next few months I’m inviting real bloggers who have studied my my workshop, Mom Blog to Money Blog to share their honest, unbiased opinions about the workshop, and you can see for yourself if it’s worth it to shell out the cash.


Mom Blog to Money Blog Review ~ Day 15

I can not tell you how many times a day I get asked questions on how to make money with a blog.  It breaks my heart that I can’t clone myself to give everyone a one-on-one consultation or respond to every email or notification I receive.  Therefore, I sat down for 4 weeks and wrote everything I know about blogging in this course, Mom Blog to Money Blog.

It’s an online workshop with a one-time membership fee, which is a one year membership, no strings attached, and no hidden fees.  It’s straight from my heart spilling all my secrets, with 16 printable checklists, and 21 how-to video’s.  My hope was to make you feel like I was right there next to you and walking you through the process.  {hugs}

So, are you ready to  get paid for your talent and writing writing and bring home the bacon?  I’ll show you how.  {{click the links for more info.}}

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Day Fifteen’s focus in the Mom Blog to Money Blog is about increasing or multiplying our traffic using our blog stats. We do that by being able to interpret our analytics and then applying what they are telling us!  When we know better, we do better, so it is important to look at our stats {Google Analytics}  at least once a month!

This is another day that I just love because I think there is so much to learn from our stats to make us better!  {{knuckle bumps}}

Kids Activities Blog ~ Review of Day 15

Kids activity Blog

Holly Homer runs Kids Activities Blog because motherhood is fun.  Holly has three boys and knows the necessity for kids to expend energy in positive ways and Kids Activities Blog is all about including play into everyday life.

“I learned that I need to continue with my success!”

I think the biggest thing I learned on this day was to continue with my success! I had never really thought about expanding on the topics that are doing well on search engines. Since taking the course, I have started writing regular posts {and guest posts} on the things that Google already knows that I know! This helps me not only deepen search engine results within that topic, but it is stuff I know people are searching so it helps me increase my traffic and make my readers happy!

What are ways I can increase the number of pages each visitor views?

Question for Laurie

:  What are ways I can increase the number of pages each visitor views per visit?

Answer by Laurie:  Holly, I wish more bloggers would ask themselves this question. We spend SO much time and focus on our articles which take hours to create. Just imagine if every blogger took a day to figure out how to generate 3 pages per visitor instead of the average 1… their stats would TRIPLE!

That’s what the Mom Blog to Money Blog online workshop is all about;  creating a system which automatically creates more page views, less work, and less energy so you can focus on what you do best!

As you know Day 15 of the Mom Blog Money Blog online workshop gives you great detail on how to monetize your most popular posts as well as gives you the 3 most effective types of posts.

Since I’ve already covered that in Day 17 in the workshop, here are a few additional ways you can easily increase the number of pages each visitor views {or clicks on}.

* Quick page load.
* Magazine style layout for your blog home page.
* Search bar should be up at the top and in the same place on every page of your blog/site.
* Navigation tool bar should be topics ~ not “about me” or “contact”. This quickly shows your first time reader what your blog is about and encouages browsing. Use the Category Navigation Bar checklist in Day 1 of Mom Blog Money Blog to help narrow down what categories you should have in your navigation tool bar.
* Add inbound links in your post to other relevant posts on that same topic. This not only creates additional page views, but also sets you up as an expert on that topic. More details on Day 8, “Money Post Template” of Mom Blog Money Blog.
* Keep your posts down to 300 – 500 words per post.
* Split up long posts into a series of 3-5 posts.   You can find more details on Day 9 “Generate high traffic with high-interest” on Mom Blog Money Blog.
* Link to your other related posts at the end of each post. {Not using an auto-generaged plugin ~ but manually link them so it shows up in the RSS Feed, etc.} You can find more details on Day 8, “Money Post Template” of Mom Blog Money Blog.
* Leverage your sidebars to keep the reader on YOUR blog, not only send them away to other’s blogs. More details on Day 1 “Fix your blog layout to generate cash” of Mom Blog to Money Blog.
* Truncate your RSS Feed, which you should also do to prevent other websites from scrapping your blog.

Just to name a few. {wink}

“MBMB Will Simplify Your Blogging Life!”

“Buy Laurie’s course because it will simplify your blogging life!”

Kids activity blog

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