13 Must Have Babysitting Resources


Do you have a child who’s eager to start their own babysitting services?  Or, are you tired of writing down the same information each time you have a babysitter? Use these free babysitting resources to write down all the important information your babysitter will need while you’re out.  There’s also tutorials to make babysitting kits that are full of babysitting activities that will help entertain the children.  It’s a win win situtation when children start being a baby sitter because they earn their own spending money! {{high fives}}

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1.  Notes for the Babysitter {free printable} ~ Use this stylish printable to leave for the babysitter with important information. They’ll be able to know where you are, when you will be back, how they can reach you, mealtimes, bedtimes, emergency contacts and special instructions. You and the babysitter will have a piece of mind!

2.  Babysitter in a Bag {free printables} ~ Everything that you will need to entertain the kids while mom and dad are on a date.  Use the free printables tags and coloring pages to add to the bag.

3.  Babysitting Kit Printables ~ Help your child put together a babysitting kit using these free printables and activity ideas.  

4.  “Bee” A Great Sitter ~  All of the printables you’ll need to “bee” a great babysitter.  Print the kit for free.

Baby Sitter-jpg

Baby Sitter

5.  Portable First Aid Kit {tutorial} ~ This First-Aid Kit is perfect for minor boo boo’s and small enough to take in a babysitting kit! There are three large compartments perfect for storing kleenex, gauze and wipes as well as six smaller compartments to store band-aids, chapstick, antibiotic ointments and other items. How cool is that?! Anything can look cute when you divide it up into little compartments, right?

6.  Babysitter Checklist {free printable} ~ Tired of writing down the same information each time you have a babysitter? Use this sheet to write down all the important information your babysitter will need while you’re out. 

7.  Notes for the Babysitter Printable ~ A form for the parents to fill out for the baby sitter with all of the important information as well as a printable for the babysitter to fill out for the parents.

Babysitting Tips

Babysitting Tips

8.  Babysitting Tips ~ Five quick tips to help your child be the coolest babysitter around.  Some of the ideas range from bringing dvds, nail polish for a manicure and even items for an art project.

Babysitting Activities-jpg

Babysitting Activities

9.  Flower Pipe Cleaner Rings ~ Twist up some fun with these flower rings. Now your little princess can make her own rings!

10.  How to Make Yarn Dolls ~ A fun nostalgic past time!  I remember making these yarn dolls with my babysitter.  All you need is yarn and scissors.  

11.  Nature Scavenger Hunt {free printable} ~ Enjoy a fun nature scavenger hunt with the kids! Cross things off your list as you explore the great outdoors. 

12.  No Cook Playdough Recipe ~ One of the easiest playdough recipes is the no cook method using dry ingredients, oil and boiling water. A batch can be made in minutes and provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

13.  DIY Duct Tape Flower ~ Making duct tape flowers is such a fun and easy craft. Kid’s love to make them too! Add them to the end of a pencil or pen for a fun and festive pen.


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