Nature's Kitchen Videos with Curtis Stone {healthy eating tips}

Preparing Healthy food can be easier than we might think.   Lucky for us, Vicks® Nature Fusion™ has enlisted the help of celebrity chef Curtis Stone to bring us quick videos that show tips, tricks and ingredients for healthy eating.  The video series is called  Nature’s Kitchen with Curtis Stone and it’s fabulous.  {{and I’m not just saying that because I got to be apart of the series!}}

Vicks Nature Fusion YouTube Channel

Here’s What I Like About the Videos:

  • The videos feature recipes made from fresh ingredients.
  • The videos are the perfect length.  Not too short and definitely not too long.
  • Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone is engaging and makes cooking look really simple {as it should!}

Healthy Eating Videos:

1.  This video which includes recipes for homemade salsa, Tzatziki dip and tortilla and pita chips is so a worth a try!  The recipes for Tzatziki Dip and Salsa taste delicious and they are healthy snacks for the whole family.  Making chips for dipping has never looked so easy, either!

Corn and Potato Chowder

2.  Want to make a healthy meal in one pot with a minimal mess?  Then this One Pot Wonder video is for you!  Doesn’t the corn and potato chowder look delicious?

Homemade Pizza by Curtis Stone

3.  The key to this Healthy Homemade Pizza recipe is natural ingredients.  Shrimp and mozzarella pizza with capers and olives, anyone?  Oh, and it’s thin crust!  My favorite.

More Healthy Eating Videos:

A special thanks to the makers of Vick’s for choosing me to be a Vick’s Blogger and a part of this series designed to promote healthy eating using natures ingredients!


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  1. great nice and such a amazing dish to cook and the ideas are really dam awesome

  2. What I have found amazing is that French fries and onion rings at fast food restaurants have 0mg of cholesterol. I had always assumed that fries would be high in cholesterol. Even tater tots have no cholesterol. That is assuming you don’t put anything else on then such as chili or cheese. The surprising thing is that many restaurants salads will have almost as much cholesterol as a burger. If you add a dressing such as ranch or anything else that is rich and creamy, then it really skyrockets. The only salads that don’t contain cholesterol are the ones without meat such as a side salad.

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