22 Beautiful Necklace Tutorials {jewelry making}


How to make necklace that are trendy and so much fun to wear.  These beautiful necklace tutorials include how to make a bib necklace, ones with semi precious stones, fabric, pendant, buttons, bottle cap necklaces, as well as some helpful jewelry making tips!

Beautiful Necklace Tutorial

Leather Flower Necklace

1.  Leather Flower Necklace Tutorial ~ Leather scraps and scrapbooking flowers make up this fabulous necklace.  This is a great solution for when you need that perfect shade that you can’t seem to find at the store…

Brooch Ribbon Necklace

2.  Brooch Ribbon Necklace ~ Take old and broken brooches, or even buy some inexpensive ones, “antique” them with a bit of spraypaint, link them together and attach to a ribbon.  Voila – a fab necklace that is reminiscent of Anthropologie, but is closer to a Target price tag.

Semi Precious Stones

semi precious stone necklace

3.  Semiprecious Stone Necklace ~ semiprecious stones are gorgeous, and this tutorial shows you how to make a versatile necklace that can be worn long and lean or turned into a ribbon tied collar.

Pendant Necklace

Mini Polaroid Necklace

4.  Mini Polaroid Necklace ~ Create a personalized mini Polaroid necklace for yourself or as a gift for loved ones. This would be make a wonderful gift for mom any day of the year!

Stamped Initial Necklace

5.  Initial Stamped Necklace ~ Stamped jewelry is popular for a reason.  Women love custom necklaces.  Why not learn how to make an initial necklace that you can wear close to your heart?

Make Bib Necklace

Floral Bib Necklace

6.  Floral Bib Necklace ~ Using Marion Smith’s Bib necklace tutorial, a glue gun and some flowers, this amazing floral bib necklace was born.

Tie Bib Necklace

7.  Tie Bib Necklace ~ Repurpose an old tie into a one of a kind necklace that is perfect for dressing up a plain t-shirt or a simple dress.  The supply list is small and no sewing machine is needed.

Fabric Necklace Tutorial

Pom Pom Bib Necklace

8.  Pom Pom Bib Necklace Tutorial ~ These simple fabric flowers require no sewing, only a glue gun and scissors.  Wouldn’t this be fun with a mix of cheery colorful fabric, too?

Anthropologie Necklace knockoff

9.  Anthropologie Necklace Knock-off ~ You can make this adorable knock off for a whole lot less than Anthropologies $138 price tag with a little hot glue, flower pattern a few necklace supplies and this tutorial!  {score}!

T-Shirt Necklace Tutorial

 Recycled T-Shirt Necklace

10.  Blooming Bib Recycled T-Shirt Necklace ~ All that was needed to make this adorable necklace was an irregular T-shirt, felt, scissors, thread and a glue gun!

T Shirt Necklace Tutorial

11.  No Sew T Shirt Necklace Tutorial ~ A few cuts and knots and viola, you have a beautiful necklace/scarf made out of a T-shirt!

Button Necklace Tutorial

Button Necklace

12.  Button Necklace Tutorial ~ If you are looking for a great way to put all those extra buttons to use, you might try this button necklace tutorial using buttons and a bit of crochet!

Button Necklace

13.  Button Bib Necklace ~  Put your vintage button collection to good use and make a new piece of gorgeous jewelry to show it off.

Crochet Bracelet Patterns

Crochet Chain Necklace

14. Crochet Chain Necklace ~ Rumor has it this necklace only takes 10 minutes to make.  {score}!  It can be embellished, too.

Crochet Chain Link Necklace

15.  Crochet Chain Link Necklace Tutorial ~ This crocheted Chain Link Necklace looks edgy and soft at the same time.  Plus, a baby grabbing hold of it won’t break it!  A great gift for a new mom. {Wink}

Bottle Cap Necklaces

bottle cap necklaces tutorial

16.  Bottlecap Necklaces {tutorial and free download}~ Making bottle cap necklaces never looked so easy.  All you need are bottle caps and epoxy stickers, a necklace chain, hot glue, and the fun download found at kiki creates!

Bottle Cap Necklace

17.  Bottle Cap Necklace Tutorial ~   Making a  flattened bottlecap necklace is easy, cheap, and a great gift!  It only takes a few minutes, and you just need a few common tools like a hammer and needle nose pliers!

Handmade Jewelry

Thimble Necklace

18.  Thimble Necklace ~ Why is it that the tinier something is, the cuter it is?  It doesn’t get much tinier (or cuter) than this thimble necklace, with colored pins doubling as flowers.  This is a  charming gift for anyone who sews.

Branch Bird Necklace

19.  Rustic Branch Bird Necklace ~ I love the natural feel of this fun necklace.  It’s fun to make handmade jewelry, which allows you to incorporate natural elements, such as a rock or tree branch.  Check out the full tutorial to see how to make your own rustic necklace.

Jewelry Making Tips

Stamped Washer Name Tag Necklace Tutorial

20.  Stamped Washer Name Tag Necklace Tutorial ~ Hand stamp your own personalized jewelry with this quick and easy tutorial. These washers also double as great tags to personalize gifts and more.

How To Make a Necklace

necklace idea

21.  A Charming Necklace Tutorial ~  This necklace is made with scrapbooking embellishments and spray paint!  And, it is pretty darn charming!  It looks fabulous on.

Make Necklace

DIY Chunky Necklace

22.  DIY Chunky Necklace ~ Turn vintage necklaces from thrift shops (or your grandma’s closet) into new handmade jewelry. Simply layer and weave the necklaces together to create your own DIY chunky necklace.

More Necklace Tutorials:

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  3. Laurie, what an awesome collection of ideas. I love the thimble. Will try it today. Thanks!

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