Ongoing Problems Worksheet


There are many ongoing problems that need to be taken care of.  Prioritize by keeping track of them here, in your Daily section of the Executive Homemaker Binder.

ongoing problems worksheet tip junkie

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Make sure you keep record of phone conversations you’ve had.  Record the date, contact person and what you discussed.  3 hole punch the bill or correspondence you received and file it behind the Ongoing Problems worksheet until it is resolved.

P.S. Learn how to organize your Executive Homemaker Binder and print it all from one file.

ongoing problems worksheet tip junkie
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
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  1. OH how I WISH, I had seen your Ongoing Problem Worksheet months ago! I THOUGHT I had the foresight to save work order slips when someone repaired my refrigerator ice maker (I should say TRIED to repair it). We are now down the road with so many new parts and service calls to remember and now I realize, that since there have been so many events, I can’t remember what happened last week !!!

  2. Absolutely brilliant – thanks for all the tips – Sometimes I need all the help I can to get organised 🙂

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