10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Operating Room Nurse Day

If you’ve ever had surgery or know someone who has then, TODAY is the day to celebrate and honor the nurses that work in the operating room! We are celebrating OPERATING ROOM NURSE DAY, and we want you to join us! Do you like celebrating year round? If you don’t like to wait for major national holidays to roll around, then start celebrating the lesser known holidays {like Operating Room Nurse Day!}

Did you know that just about every day of the year has been designated as a “holiday”? Celebrating the wacky and fun day can bring tons of enjoyment. That’s why we are planning on making every day a holiday. Here are a few Fun Ways to Celebrate operating room nurse day!

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Operating Room Nurse Day

Operating Room Nurse

What is Operating Room Nurse Day? Well, Operating Room Nurse Day honors the nurses that work in the operating room and is celebrated on November 14th of each year.

Did you know that the history of nursing dates back over 2000 years? Operating room nurses may not perform the actual surgery but they are responsible for patient care during the operation, maintaining a sterile environment, handling medical equipment, prepping and taking care of patients, and much, much more. It’s an extremely difficult job!

We can’t think of a better day than today to thank our Operating Room Nurse Friends for their tireless work in the Surgical Theater! Here are some ways we came up with to celebrate the day and thank them. Be sure to check out the other fun and wacky November holidays you can celebrate with us!

How Are You Going to Celebrate?

How are you going to celebrate Operating Room Nurse Day? We are going to thank the nurses we know, and maybe try our hand at sewing.

surgery nurse

How to Sew Surgical Hats

surgical cap for women

1. Surgical Cap for Women ~ The fun thing about this pattern is that it is easy to use two complementing patterns of fabric for a truly unique cap.

scrub cap

2. Surgical Scrub Cap ~ It’s all about your preference. This cap is great for women with lots of hair that needs to be contained!

bouffant surgical hat

3. Bouffant Surgical Cap ~ Very similar to the cap shown above, this pattern illustrates how different the cap can look using two different fabric patterns.

surgical hat

4. Two-Tone Surgical Hat ~ This surgical hat was made by trial and error with hand drawn instructions and dimensions. We’ve found that sometimes the best patterns are done by trial and error!

Surgical Hat for Men

mens surgical cap

5. Surgical Cap for Men ~ Don’t worry! There are free patterns to make your favorite male operating room nurse a surgical cap, too!

DIY Mask Tutorials

cloth face mask tutorial

6. Cloth Face Mask ~ The pattern for this cloth face mask is designed to fit OVER a surgical face mask so you are still protected but you look a little fancier in the process!

sew face mask diy

7. Respiratory Masks ~ These respiratory masks come in 3 sizes so your whole family can be protected from germs and pollution. No need to be an operating room nurse to appreciate this pattern!

Other Ways to Say Thank You


9.  Homemade Chocolates ~ You can’t go wrong with chocolates! Say thank you to your operating nurse friends with homemade chocolates. I’m pretty sure they won’t be able to resist homemade Ferrero Rocher Truffles.

diy fruit bouquet

10. DIY Fruit Bouquet ~ Everyone loves fruit after a hard day’s work, right? That’s why making a fruit bouquet is an excellent way to say thank you, and by making it yourself you can save a ton of money! Here’s how to make a DIY fruit bouquet!

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