How to Organize Your Spice Rack

jarIn all honesty organizing my spice rack into coordinating jars has not even been on my radar.  However, I’ve been researching DIY spice rack ideas and I came across this post that really got me thinking.

How To Organize Your Spice Rack

1.  Get your own jars
2.  Make your own labels
3.  If it seems expensive, it probably is.
4.  A shelf and a drawer
5. Organize and display

Whether this spice rack system works for you or not, I thought it was a great systematic way of deciding on your own what will and won’t work for you in your kitchen.

More Spice Rack Jar Ideas


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  1. I tried viewing the 3 other “More Spice Rack Jar Ideas” the first 2 didn’t work. Gave me an error on your site. Maybe it was me, but I am not sure.

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