How to Remain Organized this Christmas


We are continuing the Christmas in July celebration here on Tip Junkie by learning how to remain organized this Christmas with these 16 organizing tips.  These darling hand made binders and planners are just what we need to keep the busy month on course!  Consider making one ahead of time this year!

Organizing Tips ~ How to Stay Organized this Christmas

1.  Executive Homemaker’s Christmas Planner that’s a free printable with gift lists, party planner, and much more.
2.  Holiday Plans folder with lists and receipts to help plan for Christmas from The Stampin’ Buzz.
3.  Christmas planner made from a composition notebook to keep everything together from The Happenings.
4.  Christmas Organized binder with lists and ideas to keep me organized for the holiday season from Controlling My Chaos.

How to Organize the Holiday season

5.  Make a holiday planner to slip into my purse to keep all my holiday plans organized like Simple Flourishes.
6.  Cutting Cafe stamped Christmas list and organizational information.
7.  Tutorial on how to make a stylish calendar holder and message board with step by step instructions from The Fabric Market.
8.  Wrapping paper storage idea from Wiener Honey Mooners.

Best Way to Organize Christmas

9.   Gifts Your Way Card Organizer and video tutorial from Sunny Stampin’.
10.  A free gift organizing worksheet for the holidays from The Project Girl.
11.  House holiday scrapbooked notebook Christmas planner from Mrs. B’s Craft Room.
12.  Tiddy all your gift ribbons on slacks hangers like Kitchen Klique.

Tips on How to Stay on Budget this Holiday Season

13.  Make a list, prepare a budget and how to stick to it from For the Momma’s.
14.  How to plan for a Christmas budget this year from Planning with Kids.
15.  Ultimate Holiday Christmas Countdown printable from the Giver’s Log.
16.  Handmade Christmas pamplet planner from Little Wonders.

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If you have a Christmas related tutorial or great idea on your blog, feel free to submit it! I’d love to feature you.

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  1. Comment-Anonymous keely aka LKP

    hey, i too love organization when it comes to celebrating Christmas!

    got hooked on using a holiday organizer Christmas of 2004, thanks to a great idea & article in Family Fun magazine. there’s the URL at the bottom to theirs, which includes links to their pdf pages. costs less than $20 in supplies to create the binder….which if you snag your supplies NOW during back to school season, then you’re money AND time AND headaches ahead of later.

    some of the lists i don’t use as much as the other pdf’s, and other things i need i’ve created on my own since ’04, but at least this is a great starting-off point. =)

    happy organizing y’all!

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