13 Original Pretzel Recipes {yummy}

How to make pretzel recipes in yummy flavors, shapes, and treats.   Delight your family with homemade pretzel recipes in sourdough, whole wheat and Auntie Anne’s copycat recipe in fun shapes like sticks, bites and rolls.  There’s even a recipe for strawberry pretzel dessert.   There is nothing quite like pretzels with a twist, and these recipes will give you tons of ideas on how to make regular pretzels spectacular.  {{knuckle bumps}}  

Pretzel Recipes

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make pretzels with these incredible tutorials. For even more pretzel recipes Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 22 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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Homemade Pretzel Recipe

Homemade Pretzels 5 Ways

1.  Homemade Pretzels 5 Ways ~ You’ll be enjoying warm, soft pretzels in 30 minutes.  Seriously!  No waiting for the dough to rise.  Plus, you’ll learn 5 different ways to season/flavor plain pretzels.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Stick

2.  Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Sticks ~ Quick and easy Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Sticks that taste just like Auntie Anne’s.  Made with two loaves of frozen bread dough, cinnamon, sugar and butter.  There’s even a recipe for maple frosting dip.  

Auntie Anne's Pretzels {copycat recipe}

3.  Auntie Anne’s Pretzels {copycat recipe} ~ There’s nothing like the smell of freshly made pretzels from Auntie Anne’s.  I’m always a sucker for them!  Now you can make them in your own for a fraction of the cost.   

Homemade Sourdough Pretzels

4.  Homemade Sourdough Pretzels ~ Having sourdough starter is a key ingredient for these yummy pretzels.

Homemade Pretzel Bites

5.  Homemade Pretzel Bites ~ Perfect for parties, take to the picnic and making with kids.  Super easy to make.  Plus it’s a forgiving dough recipe if you aren’t use to working with yeast.

Easy Pretzel Recipe

Pretzel Crisp Sandwich {Fun Food}

6.  Pretzel Crisp Sandwich {Fun Food} ~ Turn a traditional football party snack, buffalo wings and blue cheese dressing, into a light and fun football party appetizer.  These pretzel crisp sandwiches are filled with a blue cheese and buffalo sandwich filling.  All they taste and a lot less messy fingers.

Pretzel Dogs

7.  Pretzel Dogs ~ When it comes to kid-friendly crafty food, it’s really all about the presentation.  They’ll have fun dipping their dog too!

Pretzel Bread Recipe

Soft Pretzel Tomato Bites

8.  Soft Pretzel Tomato Bites ~ These are like mini bite size pizzas.  Yummy and pretty too.  A great finger food for a game night, or serve them as an appetizers at your next dinner party.

Pizza Stuffed Pretzel Rolls

9.  Pizza Stuffed Pretzel Rolls ~ An out of the box pizza idea.  Perfect for grab-n-go lunches or picnics.

Salted Pretzel Rolls

10.  Salted Pretzel Rolls ~ These Salted Pretzel Rolls are perfect for sandwiches, soup bowls, or an accompaniament to a meal! 

Whole Wheat Pretzel Recipe

Whole Wheat Soft Baked Pretzels

11.  Whole Wheat Soft Baked Pretzel ~ Homemade whole wheat pretzels that are fun to make, shape and eat.  Perfect for an after school snack.

Whole Wheat Pretzel Bites with Jalapeno

12.  Whole Wheat Pretzel Bites with Jalapeno Cheese Sauce ~ Bring on the spice with jalapeno cheese sauce.  Perfect for game day or serving a crowd!

Pretzel Salad Recipe 

Strawberry Pretzel Salad Dessert

13.  Strawberry Pretzel Salad Dessert ~ This strawberry pretzel salad looks heavenly!  I love the mixture of sweet and salty.  There’s a layer of crushed pretzels, cream cheese layer and topped with a gelatin and fresh strawberry layer.   


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