Today, I’m going to show you how to choose paint color that’s perfect for your lifestyle and the personality of your home.  It quick and easy with ONE simple step thanks to Glidden the My Colortopia web site.  {squeal}

Picking paint colors for the perfect color palette one’s home can be a really big decision. On one hand, paint is relatively inexpensive and easy to apply with a little practice, but it is time consuming, and it is permanent (at least until you re-paint). Plus, a paint color may look fabulous in the store, but not so fabulous in your designated space.

before and after girls bedroom{For example, take a look at this bedroom transformation from 4 Men 1 Lady.  WOW!}

Color Palette

Picking out paint colors is also really personal. The function of the room and your personality plays a big roll in the paint color decision.  Ideally, one wants to chose a paint color that reflects one’s lifestyle.

I recently moved to Ohio into an older house and I’ve been busy trying to transform it from a house into a home that is full of personality, originality and design!  It’s not surprising that I’ve started to think about what colors I’d like to paint the rooms so that they have the distinct “Turk Family” flair.  I’ve even enlisted my boys to help chose colors for their rooms that reflect their personality.

{Image Credit}

My inspiration?… things that make me smile!  I love traditional bold and jewel toned colors but I also like to mix things up a bit with an unexpected POP of color.  There’s so many amazing colors, why choose just one!  {bwaahaa!}

How to Chose Paint that Reflects Your Lifestyle:

My Colortopia

Step One: Take this quiz by Glidden and part of the My Colortopia site.

The quiz is called My Life, My Colors and it’s an amazing tool that asks questions about your personality and lifestyle in order to help you chose paint colors that are right for you.  I’ve taken it a few times!  {wink}

{Click Here if you’re having trouble seeing the quiz}

Your Results: Once you’ve taken the quiz, the widget will help you select one main color and two coordinating colors that you can use for trim or accents.  {{How fabulous is that?}}  Even better?  You can easily email the colors to yourself, family member or friend, AND you can print out a shopping list to take to the store to purchase your paint.  I love that so much guess and busy work (making a list) is taken out of choosing paint that is reflective of one’s lifestyle!

What paint colors did you chose?

Let’s give Glidden/Akzo Nobel Paints a hand for designing this fabulous paint decision tool and for selecting/compensating me to help spread the word about their free design tools!