31 Painting Techniques for Interiors and Art


How to learn painting techniques for interior painting like faux, sponge, and distressing.  As well as  painting techniques for artwork including watercolor, oil, fabric, and oils.  Using these techniques takes walls from drab to fab, and the best part is that they are quite easy to apply!

Painting Techniques for Interiors and Art

Interior Painting Techniques

1.  How to Stencil and Glaze a Wall – Look at this gorgeous damask stenciled wall.  Isn’t the texture phenomenal?!  The wall was stenciled in white and teal first.  Then, an oil-based stain was rubbed on.

Painting Techniques

2.  Painted Wallpaper {tutorial} ~ Wallpaper is messy and can be expensive.  Learn how to create your own Ballard Designs inspired stencil and paint on your own wallpaper!

How to Paint Stripes

3.  Chevron Painted Pantry {before and after} ~ What was once a builder-grade, wire rack pantry turns into a gorgeous custom pantry with chevron stripes!

4.  Lazy Guide to Painting Fast Striped Walls ~ Aren’t these striped walls amazing?!  Follow these simple time saving tips to paint your own stripes.

Geometric Design Patterns

5.  DIY Geometric Wall ~ Adding a geometric pattern to a wall is not only inexpensive, but brilliant!  It’s a great way to accent a wall.  Grab some painter’s tape and paint to get started.

Interior Painting Techniques

6.  Painting Dandelion Wall Graphic {Art Painting} ~ Some of you may be intimidated by creating an art painting graphic on your walls, so here’s a tutorial that will break it down for you so it won’t look so hard. Always remember, if you make a mistake you can always take some of your wall color and paint over your mistake and try again. When you’re finished, you can set back and enjoy your peaceful windblown dandelion mural on your walls.

Painting an Accent Wall

7.  Chalkboard Wall {inspired by architecture} ~ Who said chalkboard walls are just for kids?  Come learn how to create your very own grown-up chalkboard wall!

Faux Painting Techniques

Faux Painting Techniques

8.  DIY Fabulous Frugal Faux Canvas Painting {Painting Techniques} ~ This project is perfect to do with  your own images, posters or garage sale finds.  These prints were mounted on plywood and painted with a painting technique using Mod Podge brushstrokes, creating beautiful faux oil paintings!

Faux Painting Technique

9.  3D Painting Technique {Painting Techniques} ~ Learn how to paint with a 3D effect with this painting tutorial. With step by step instruction and detailed images this painting technique is easy for anyone to learn.

Faux Painting Techniqes

10.  DIY Art – Pears {Art Painting} ~ Create your own canvas art painting at home that friends and family will be  ‘ooohing & aaaahing’ over. This project is simple, but it will look like you spent hours creating it.

Faux Painting Techniques

11.  DIY Faux Metal Letters ~ You definitely could have fooled me with these faux metal letters.  They look amazingly real.  They’re pieces of wood in disguise.

Watercolor Painting Techniques

Watercolor Painting Techniques

12.  DIY: Pixel Painting {Picture to Painting} ~ Use you digital software program along with watercolor paints to create unique art with this picture to painting tutorial. Just a few blocks of color were able to maintain the mood of the photograph even though the details were completely lost.

13.  Easy Watercolor Portrait {tutorial} ~ These watercolor portraits are gorgeous and unique!  The bright colors are fantastic.  Elise says, “if you can trace an outline and color it in, you can do this!”

Watercolor Technique

14.  Chrysanthemum Watercolor Art {Painting Techniques} ~

Learn how to use masking fluid in this negative painting technique tutorial to define the subject of your art.

Sponge Painting Techniques

Sponge Painting Techniques

15.  Sponge Painting ~ Sponge painting is a great technique if you’re a beginning decorative painter. It’s fast, it looks great, and it’s tough to mess up.

Antique Painting Techniques

16.  Canvas Photo Transfer {tutorial} ~ Look at this gorgeous baby girl canvas photo!  The colors and texture are amazing.  When you transfer the image to the canvas with gel medium it gives it that beautiful aged appearance.

Antique Painting Techniques

17.  How to Antique a Mirror ~ Here is a fantastic tutorial on how to create an antiqued mirror.  Place fabric, scrapbook paper, or pictures in your distressed areas and admire them as they peek through!

Rustic Painting Techniques

Rustic Painting Techniques

18.  Rustic Palette Sign Tutorial {DIY Decor} ~ If your style is rustic chic then this is a fabulous tutorial for you! You’ll learn how to create a great piece of wall art for your home from pallet planks! Inexpensive to make and will look fabulous almost anywhere in your home!

Distressed Painting Techniques

19.  DIY Tile Wall Art ~ Isn’t this tile wall art beautiful?!  It’s tranquil, simple and spa-like.  Decorative wood tiles were placed symmetrically on a piece of distressed wood.  And, to keep the newly renovated bathroom walls free from holes, the handy dandy command adhesive strips were used to hang the artwork.

Distressed Painting Techniques

20.  Glazed Distressed Art {Artwork} ~ Make your own glazed, distressed artwork with this tutorial.  Make it as large or small as would fit in with your decor! This one is a beach theme, but you could make it your own!

Acrylic Painting Techniques

Acrylic Painting Techniques

21.  How to Make Abstract Art {Art Painting} ~ If you can’t afford the abstract art painting piece of your dreams, here are some tips on making your own. The most important tip to remember whenever you make your own art, is to keep trying different colors and shapes until you are happy with it.

Acrylic Painting Techniques

22.  Concentric Circles Canvas Art {Art Painting} ~ This fun art painting project is perfect for adding color to any room. This project can be easily customized for any color scheme and is easy enough for children to do. Bring out the artist in your child by letting them create their own art for their room.

Acrylic Paint Techniques

23.  Snowbirds & Blossoms Tutorial {Art Work} ~ Create personalized art work for your own home or to give as a gift for friends and family. This tutorial uses a simple dotting technique to create beautiful Ballard inspired art.

Oil Painting Techniques

How to Do the Wash Painting Technique {Painting Tips}

24.  How to Do the Wash Painting Technique {Painting Tips} ~ Painting washes does more than create a large area of color in a timely manner. With a few simple techniques, you can use washes to create depth, interest and rich colors in your paintings.
Oil Painting Techniques

25.  Traditional Portrait Painting, Step by Step {Portrait Painting} ~ Ever wonder how the masters achieved those rich colors and life like images? In this portrait painting tutorial you can follow along the artist creates a  beautiful portrait of a child done in oils using traditional painting techniques.

Spray Paint Techniques

Spray Paint Techniques

26.  DIY Fish Scale Art {Art Work} ~ This is the perfect tutorial if you love the trend of fish scale art work. This technique is simple and you can create this art work in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors; the possibilities are endless.

Spray Paint Wall Art

27.  Spray Paint Wall Art ~ All of these fantastic signs were made by sticking 3D foam or felt stickers onto a canvas and then spray painting the whole sign.  Genius!

Wood Painting Techniques

Wood Painting Techniques

28.  DIY Stencil Wall Art {Paintings} ~ A simple yet creative tutorial using stencils cut with a Cricut, paint and recycled wood. There’s no need to spend money on expensive art work when you can easily create your own at home.

Room Painting Tips

29.  How to Paint Plank Walls ~ Whitewash was a thing of the past.  No anymore!  Learn how to whitewash plank walls using a 70/30 mixture of paint and water.

Ceramic Painting Techniques

Ceramic Paint Techniques

30.  How to Paint Designs on Ceramic Dishes ~ Take plain white dishes (dollar stores carry them) and buy special paint pens to customize your own look! Full tutorial after the link.

Fabric Painting Techniques

DIY Geometric Pattern

31.  Geometric Pattern Pillow ~ Have you ever thought of painting a plain white pillow?  It’s an easy way to get a unique cover!

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