24 Party Planning Templates and Ideas


How to plan a party just got easier with these free printable party planner and party guide worksheets as well as 14 crafting theme ideas.  I’ve included party themes on the alphabet, art, bubbles, coloring, jewelry making, painting, pinwheel, sewing, and tie dye.  {squeal}  The free party planning printables include party listprintable planner and printable organizer.  Use these free party checklists  for the perfect party guide so you can be your own special events coordinator.  {wink}

Party Planning Templates and Ideas

Tip Junkie has 3100 Party Ideas all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make.  You can always search there if you’re looking for more birthday, party, or holiday patterns with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Plan a Party

Party Planning

1.  Free Printable Birthday Party Checklist ~ When you are in full party planning mode it is easy to get caught up in the frenzy and forget some of the most important details.  This free printable birthday party checklist will make sure you get everything that you need to make your special day a big success.

Party Planning

2.  Birthday Party Planner ~ This amazing party planner will help you keep the stress down from planning the party.  The planner includes a shopping list, guests, activities, theme, budget and so much more.

Party List

Party List

3.  Guest List Chart ~ Keep track of your guests addresses, if they have rsvp’d, and also keep track of what gift the friend gave so you can write your thank you’s.

Printable Planner

Party Planner

4.  Birthday Party Checklist {Free Printable} ~ Always forgetting something while you are party planning?  Make sure their special day come out just right with this printable birthday party checklist.

Party Menu Planner

5.  Menu Planner ~ Plan your party meals by filling out one of these menu planners.  After you have filled out your menu you can make your shopping list from it.  Then on the day of the party you can check things off as you go.  You won’t have any missing ingredients. Printable Party Planner 6.  Printable Birthday Party Planner {Party Planning} ~ This printable party planning worksheet will make sure you don’t forget any of the details for your next big bash.  From keeping track of the guest list to creating a shopping list for your menu, it is all here in one printable planner.

Printable Organizer

Printable Organizer

7.  Birthday Party Planner {organization binder} ~ Plan your child’s next birthday party with these free planners.  They will help you to plan games, food, guests and what to buy.  There’s also a guest rsvp checklist.

Party Checklist

Party Checklist

8.  Checklist & Labels {party printables} ~ When you are having a party – help your guests know which cooler has wine or soda or which waste can holds trash or recyclables. Plus a quick party checklist you can print and laminate to make sure you always have your “party kit” ready to go.

Party Checklist

9.  Party Planning Checklist ~ This birthday party checklist will help you stay organized as you get ready for the big event.    Includes all tasks and reminders from 8 weeks before right up until party time.

Party Guide

Party Guide 10.  Party Planning Food Guide ~ Not sure how much food you will need for your party?  This food guide is for the average get together and will give you suggested guidelines.

Printable Party Timeline

11.  Free Party Planning Guide ~ This party timeline guide will help you prioritize tasks so that you can begin prioritizing what needs to be done first, next, and last.

Crafting Party

12.  Art Inspired Birthday Party Theme ~ Bright colors, fun crafts, and beautiful food.  Get all of the colorful details of this Art Inspired Party that Abigail from Paper and Cake threw for her daughter. 13.  Wild Alphabet Hunt Party ~ This adorable Wild Animal theme, “mixed with a little ABC power gives you a Wild Alphabet Hunt”.  Some of the fun activities were a “Wild Alphabet Hunt”, “Make a Name for Yourself”, and decorating letter shaped sugar cookies.  A great summer theme to help children learn their alphabet. 14.  Brown-Baggin It Party ~ Brown Kraft paper isn’t just for lunch bags, grocery bags or even book covers.  It’s perfect for party decor and wrapping party favors.  Lay out brown kraft paper to use as a ‘tablecloth’. 15.  Bubble Birthday Party ~ A fun bubble party! A great party theme for small children.  Fill a plastic pool with dish washing soap and water for tons of bubble fun.

16.  Crayon Coloring Party ~ This coloring themed party has a plethora of colorful decorations that are all inspired by the first rainbow we fell in love with, CRAYONS!  You will be inspired by the homemade decorations, party favors, and fun Crayola colors that make up this birthday party theme.

Craft Creations

17.  How-To: Party Craft Station ~ A craft station is a hit at any party, and inexpensive to put together.  Ours was an Indian Elephant Themed Party, but yours can feature anything your child loves!

18.  Jewelry Making Party ~ Pull out the beads and buttons to make some fun jewelry!  Everyone can make their own jewelry and not only wear their creation, but take it home as a party favor.

19.  Lace Princess Crowns ~ Every princess needs her crown.  Right?!  You can make your own by stiffening the lace and painting it the desired jewel tone with Precious Metals.  You could also lace stencil cupcakes for the party here, wrap bottles in lace and make a lace banner here.

20.  Art Party {Painting} ~ Not only is this party yummy to look at, you can tell more focus was placed on what the kids were actually going to do at the party, rather than what it would look like.  I love that.  A sheet of dry wall was set out for the kids to paint their picasso’s on.  And, the best party favor, they took home their artwork. 21.  Pinwheel See and Spin ~ This adorable spinning-themed party is perfect for summer or spring.  Over 300 pinwheels were made which adorned the yard, mantle, front door, and flower pots.  Let the guests make their own pinwheels by following this simple step by step tutorial here. 22.  Sew Let’s Party ~ Throw your little seamstress in training a sewing themed party using your sewing supplies as decorations.  You can create the homemade invitations with your sewing stash and hang your patterns to make a cute garland. 23.  Shrinky Dink Party Tips ~ Shrinky dinks are a fun and creative way to display artwork.  You can easily make them by using colored pencils to draw the images and designs on the rough side of a shrinky dink sheet.  You can punch a hole in them before you bake them to add to bracelets, tags or necklaces.  Some fun crafts you can make with shrinky dinks are charm bracelets, brooch cards, gift tags, push pins, and buttons. 24.  Tie Dye Themed Party ~ This colorful Tie Dye Themed Party is perfect for older grammar school kids or pre-teens.  There’s a “sweets to dye for” dessert table with tie dye cupcakes and other whimsical touches.  The guests will also learn how to make their own tie-dye t-shirts.

How To Plan A Party:

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