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Party Planning with Canon PIXMA MG7120

Thank you to Canon PIXMA for sponsoring this article.   Print anything that matters to you from anywhere to anywhere, with Canon PIXMA and the PIXMA Cloud app.

For the past few weeks I’ve shared with you my experiences with my new Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Photo All-In-One printer.   I’ve been able to unlocked the power of printing in a big way, including party planning.  Not only has it enhanced productivity for my small business, it’s made homework a breeze for you boys, and helped make me a better multi-tasker at home!  I’m still shaking my head though, that I am now able to completely plan a party with my Canon PIXMA!

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Here’s how to plan a party with the PIXMA printer and the PIXMA Cloud app.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Party Planning with Canon PIXMA

Diptic copy 2-jpg

 {Photo credits:  8 is great donut printable, CTR Cupcake toppers, Multicolored CTR 2″ rounds, CTR Party Package  }

Finding Printables

My parties always involve fabulous printables.  I decorate and embellish with them at every event that I host.   There is just something about custom printables that make a party look like there is attention to detail, and guests LOVE that.

In the past, I would spend time browsing the internet, specifically Tip Junkie {wink} looking for printables and inspiration.    Then, I’d make files on my computer for ideas that I had found, bookmark the URL, or just hope that I’d remember where I saw the great idea or printable.  It was always a mess, always disorganized, and never as beautiful as I’d hoped.  Plus, I always wasted time looking for ideas and printables that I had “misplaced”.  {{frowny face}}
Once I started playing around with my Canon PIXMA, I realized that it would behoove me to save all of my ideas in one place (I put the ideas for this party in my DIPTIC app), access them with the PIXMA Cloud App, and then send them to my printer so that I could make my final decisions.    Easy as 1-2-3.  {{see above}}
Once I had my inspiration printed, it was easy to figure out what items I’d need to decorate for my party, and then simply print them.   For this Party, I only used Printables and items I already owned to decorate, so it truly was an easy, inexpensive and low-time party.  I LOVE that!

Party Planning Steps with Canon PIXMA MG7120

Diptic-2 copy-jpg

Step 1:  Find Inspiration.

Step 2:  Compile inspiration using an easy app like DIPTIC.

Step 3:  Print inspiration from whereever you are so that you can make final decisions when you arrive home.

Step 4:  Once you’ve decided on party printables, print out applicable Party decor.

Step 5:  Cut out, embellish and decorate Party items with Printables.

Step 6:  Enjoy the party, and all the time you saved party planning with Canon PIXMA MG7120.

I could not believe how easy it was to party plan with Canon PIXMA MG7120. Move your inspiration from Cloud to paper, to party.  With PPS (Canon PIXMA Printing Solutions), you can print your images and documents from Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Twitter, and Evernote from your mobile device like your phone or tablet!  Even if you’re in another state or country.  That means that you can print anything that matters to you from anywhere to anywhere with the PIXMA Cloud app.  {{knuckle bumps}}
I’ve had so much fun with my new Canon PIXMA MG7120 Wireless Photo All-In-One printer, and have loved showing you how to Party Plan with Canon PIXMA, A Day in the Life with Canon PIXMA and My Top 6 Canon PIXMA Features and Functions to Knock Your Socks off!
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Thank you Canon PIXMA and Technorati Media for being sponsors of this article. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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