Tip Junkie’s BEST Party Theme Contest! ~ Win $100!

I am beyond thrilled to announce Tip Junkie’s 1st Annual BEST Party Theme Contest! It’’s a fantastic way to show off your creative parties and inspire others to make their best, too!  

I’’m all about giving YOU a chance to win $100 bucks for sharing your fabulous themed events and birthday parties. {squeal}


BEST Party Theme Contest

Everyone is invited to enter Tip Junkie’’s BEST Party Theme Contest; no blog is required now that you can upload them to Tip Junkie! {giddy}  

Tip Junkie members {that’s YOU!} will vote for the winner of $100.  That’s $100 bucks to spend however the winner wishes. {high fives}!  It’s always so much fun to see your amazing talent!

For this contest, I’’m looking for great tips and how-to’s for past and present parties Including:

  • Original Ideas
  • Printables
  • Homemade
  • Semi-Homemade

How to Enter

The contest rules are simple, to make sure everyone gets to see all the nominees and find great Party Themes ~ simply upload your contest entry into the Tip Junkie Creative Community via your craft room.

1. From your craft room, click “add a project” then follow the prompts to Upload your Photos of your Parties! Use 1 or more images.

Optional, if you have a blog add the URL in the “inspired by” column. When you’re done, “activate” your project.

party theme

 2. Be sure to click the correct category to be entered to win: {I’’m upgrading the system to make this easier for next time.}

  • * Category: Party Ideas
  • * Tag: party theme, contest, birthday party, themed event

Yep, it’s that easy! If you need a step-by-step tutorial on how to upload your Party Theme idea, click here and I’’ll be happy to walk you through it with pictures. You know I’’ve got your back. HA!


Entries will be accepted through Friday, March 7th at midnight CST and the winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 11th!

Example Entries

Since this is our first set of contests using the Tip Junkie Creative Community craft rooms, here are a few examples for you to follow. You can also use the step-by-step tutorial on how to upload your BEST Party Theme that I created for ya. {these are Halloween tutorials, but the idea is the same}

How to Vote for a Contest on Tip Junkie

How to Vote:

With the new Tip Junkie Creative Community craft room, voting is easy as 1 click! {for more information, click here}

* Simply press the green Tip Junkie Heart button {image above} to cast your vote for the BEST Party Theme.  

This does two things.  It casts your vote for the Party Theme you like BEST {you can vote for more than 1, by the way}, and it “favorite’s” the Party idea to your online craft room.  {{knuckle bumps}} Yep, it’s a vote for a crafty gal and a bookmark for you to quickly find later from your phone or online.


$100 Grand Prize:

YOU will vote for your favorite Party Theme Contest Tutorial.  There will be {ONE} $100 grand prize awarded. 1. Winner wins based on the most “favorites” via the Tip Junkie Green Heart button!   Here’s how to vote! Tip Junkie members vote for their favorite Party Tutorial  via the Tip Junkie Green Heart button.

Deadline: Entries will be accepted through Friday, March 7th, midnight CST.

Laurie Turk Tip Junkie
Promoting creative women through their 
craft rooms and products,
~ Laurie  {a.k.a. the Tip Junkie}


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