Peeps: 12 Marshmallow Peep Recipes & Decor!

Hey Peeps!  Look at all the amazing things you can make out of marshmallow peeps.  You’ll be blown away at these pictured tutorials for peeps recipes, Easter decorating ideas, chocolate peeps, and even how to make your own marshmallow peeps.

Marshmallow Peeps

1.   Peep Cupcake Push Pops {Easter Ideas} ~ What a fun and colorful way to combine peeps, cupcakes and push pops!

2.  Bunny Brownies in a Jar and Printable ~ It’s an adorable edible favor and/or gift that displays the cuteness of peeps without losing the ability to actually eat them!

How To Decorate With Peeps

3.  How to Make a Peeps Wreath ~ Isn’t this colorful peep wreath adorable?!  It’s so simple to make too.  Hot glue peeps onto a straw wreath and add a bow.

4.  Peeps Bunny Bunting {tutorial} ~ Easter wouldn’t be complete if there weren’t Peeps bunnies.  Decorate your Easter party with this adorable Peep bunny bunting.  There’s a free template to download and an amazing step by step tutorial to follow.

5.  Marshmallow Bunny Plushies {sewing} ~ You don’t have to love Peeps to adore these cute marshmallow bunny plushies.  They are simple to make, contain no calories, and are perfect for a lucky child’s Easter basket.

Peeps Recipes

6.  Homemade Marshmallow Peeps ~ Make your own sugary outside, marshmallow-y inside peep Easter treat!  I bet they taste much better than store bought peeps.

7.  DIY Homemade Marshmallow Peeps ~ Easter is a perfect excuse to indulge in sweets!  Follow the recipe to make homemade marshmallow peeps.

Chocolate Peeps

8.  Tuxedo Peeps {Easter Candy} ~ Don’t let your family be the only one’s in the Easter best!  Dress up your peeps too!

9.  Easter Peep S’Mores {Easter Dessert} ~ Make the traditional s’mores Easter themed by replacing plain marshmallows with your favorite marshmallow Easter treat.

Peep Easter Treats

10.  Cotton Candy Easter Treats ~ A quick, easy and fun cupcake alternative.  No recipe needed, just put some cotton candy inside cupcake wrappers, add some M&M’s and Peeps and you’ve got a quick and cute Easter treat.

 11.  Peeps Topper {free download} ~ Give your favorite “peeps” a special treat with these free printable toppers.  One row of your favorite colored peeps chicks fit perfectly in a snack-size ziploc bag.

12.  Graham Cracker Peep House {tutorial} ~ We make gingerbread houses for Christmas why not a peep house for Easter?!  Everything is edible and oh so good!  The kiddos are definitely going to want to help.

More Easter Day Ideas:

For all things Easter, head on over to the Tip Junkie Easter site! It has over 200 of amazing full pictured tutorials and free recipes designed to make your Easter Day fabulous and fun!


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  1. Such cute and yummy ideas, I never thought you could so much with easter peeps.

    The gram cracker peep house, so cute will have to make one for Easter.

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