6 Easy Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone!


How to transform a low-quality picture from your camera phone into a stunning photograph with a few clicks of a button and a photo mobile app or two.  There’s no need to be intimidated by these EASY mobile apps like  Instagram, BigLens, Diptic, Labelbox, and Text on Photo which are so simple to use and phenomenal photo editing apps for your mobile phone.

I am completely blow away at the quality of pictures that I can now capture on my camera phone!  By using a few of my favorite photography apps on the smart phone, I can transform my terrible photography skills into a beautiful photograph that I’m proud to share with friends and family.

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1.  Instagram

Instagram.  Hands down, the easiest photo editing software that’s perfect for any busy mom or Grandma on-the-go is Instagram.   There are many perks that you’ll enjoy all with a touch of a button:

  • It’s Free!
  • Take picture directly from your phone
  • Simply click any of the pre-designed editing options for instant pretty!
  • Add a frame around the image
  • Add a fancy focus

Instagram-before-and-after-mobile app

{Before and After photo using Instagram}

I also love Instagram because it’s a social network!  Which basically means you can follow your Facebook friends and family to see what’s going on in their lives via beautifully edited photographs.

Once you’re finished taking your picture, Instagram will also upload it for you to Facebook.  Now you can update  your status with a professionally edited photo in seconds.   It’s divine!

For advanced users, it is also compatible with hashtags and you can tag people in your photographs just like Twitter and Facebook, @tipjunkie.

Big_Lens_Photo_Mobile_App{My sister and I playing at Target}

Big Lens.  For a little more advanced photo editing app or if you’re wanting a little more flexibility and control editing your photo, then be sure to check out the Big Lens mobile app for your smart phone.   You can take the picture directly from the app or even upload a photo you’ve already taken to edit it.  Just like Instagram, it has photo editing software at the click of a button, fancy focus, but also has some really cool advanced settings like aperture and reasonably priced at $0.99.

I typically use Big Lens to take my photographs, do a little editing, and then upload it to Instagram to share with my friends and family and to automatically upload to Facebook.

Diptic Photo Collage Mobile App{The drive into my neighborhood ~ I love Spring!}

2. Diptic

For photo collages I like Diptic.  There are TONS of pre-designed layouts for you so this app is really a touch of a button app that’s really easy to use.  You can use this app to tell a story or showcase all your family members during an activity.  Really sky is the limit.


Diptic has beginner and advanced settings.  So you can simply use the layouts or go crazy with rounded borders, 52 customizable layouts and color effects, creating unlimited options to create unique images for $0.95.  Again, I use Diptic to combine multiple photos and them I upload it to Instagram to share it.

PolyFrame Photo Collage Mobile App{Drake’s Star Wars Party Dessert Bar}

PolyFrame.  If you want to really have some fun with multiple photos, check out the PolyFrame app.  They also have pre-designed layouts but these borders are customizable!  {squeal}  Yep, you can pull, drag, and expand any of these shapes to better accommodate your photo.  PolyFrame has a lite version that’s free or the full one that’s $0.95.

MoreBeaute2_Photo_Editing_Mobile_App{Just finished watching Hunger Games ~ Loved!}

3.  MoreBeaute2  ~ Airbrushing!

Oh Ladies how I wish I could be constantly airbrushed.  {snicker}  If you’re getting wrinkly, ragged, sleep deprived, and stressed out like me then MoreBeaute2 is you’re new BFF.  With one click of a button all of your blemishes are gone.  Voila!

MoreBeaute2 Before and After Mobile App

I never did post this picture because I over-edited it on moreBeaute2, but you get the idea of how it turns a dark shadow pictured into a soft light one masking the imperfections of real life. Oh and it’s FREE!  Really, need I say more?

Photo Notes Text on Photo Mobile App{My family picked me up at the airport ~ from Bloggy Boot Camp}

4.  PhotoNotes

My current favorite app for fun stickers and  text on photos is PhotoNotes.  I’m sure there are a ton of different apps that can do this, but this is the one that I’ve been playing around with.  You can add TONS of stickers and resize them easily, add speech bubbles, text in all fonts and colors.

So basically with PhotoNotes you can use it for simple things like I do or more advanced and pretty designing.  It’s cool and fun!

Text On Photo Mobile App{You are no match for me!  My Man and I playing Star Wars}

Text on Photo.  If you just want to pop on some cute text onto any image then Text on Photo is for you.  It takes seconds, doesn’t have too many options, and isn’t confusing or overwhelming.

Labelbox Photo Editing Mobile App{Had a lovely mother-son moment on the car ride home, as Davis asked to hold my hand.  Then… he remembered he was 13.}

5.  Labelbox

Labelbox is just a silly and fun way to add captions or tell a story on a photo.  You can’t customize it very much and there’s limited characters that you can use.  But it’s just a easy and fun app to play around with ‘cuz it’s free.

Toon_Camera_Photo_Editing_Mobile_App{A great excuse to snuggle my boys and be uplifted ~ Church Conference.}

6.  ToonCamera

If you have a photo that’s terrible quality or not really interesting visually but shares an important aspect of your life, ToonCamera is the app to use.  With 2 buttons you can transform a boring image into something that’s striking and really cool for only $0.99.

How To Create A Photo Story

Using several of the apps together can create a really powerful image as well as help to tell the story of your life.  For instance, to make the Conference image above; I took 2 pictures with my phone and edited them into ToonCamera, I merged them into one image in PolyFrame, and added the text via Text on Photo.  Once I was finished, I uploaded it to Instagram to share it.  It sounds like a lot of work ~ but it took minutes.

Now I have a really captivating image my boys can reflect on in their photo books which showcases something that normally wouldn’t have been photographed.

Collage Photo Editing with Text Smart Phone App

I’ve been so frustrated with my Orange House {yes, it’s orange} and so I’ve been checking out all the model homes and fell in love with this picture window.  To share this with my family back in Texas, I created this photo collage to share my honey-maple wood decorating challenge.  HA!

SnapSpeed Photo Editing Mobile App

SnapSpeed.  I learned about SnapSpeed from ProBlogger.  To make the Picture Window collage, I took 2 images via SnapSpeed which is a more advanced photo editing app.  It’s great for really dark pictures!  I merged them into one image in PolyFrame, added text using PhotoNotes, and then uploaded it to Instagram.  Once again, it may sound a little involved but each of these apps are SO EASY to use that it took no time at all.

That’s it.  Those are my 6 easy photo editing apps for your phone.  Can you tell I’m LOVING my camera phone right now?   I swear the apps just keep getting better and better and as a result so are my pictures.  {squeal}

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  1. I love Instagram, and discovering new apps – a few of these are new to me – installing them now!

    I particularily enjoyed your Rome vacataion photos as we were heading there shortly after.


  2. I already love Instagram… but I just added a few more, thanks to you… I even paid for a couple, which is a rarity

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