12 Best Pi Day Ideas for March 14th {3.14}

Pi Day is March 14th or 3-14 which is the decimal approximation of the number pi.  Pi Day  is also a fun excuse for a new activity and tradition with your kids!  Here are 12 Pi Day ideas which include free printables, recipes, and fun activities for kids to help celebrate Pi Day on 3.14, March 14th!

Pi Day Party Food

Pi Day Activities

1. Pi Day Pie Recipe ~ Use the template with your favorite pie crust and use whatever filling you’d like.

Pi Day Strawberry + Nutella PIes on a Stick

2.  Pi Day Strawberry + Nutella PIes on a Stick ~ Aren’t these pies on a stick adorable?!  Make your own pie dough or buy pre made dough.  Cut the dough into circles and place the popsicle stick, strawberries and nutella in the center.  Don’t forget to add your Pi symbol.

Pi Day Pi Pizza

3.  Pi Day Pi Pizza ~ Make your own pizza in the shape of Pi.  Add your favorite sauce and toppings.

Happy Pi Day Work Party

4.  Happy Pi Day Work Party ~ Throw a party at work with none other than pies.  What are your pie ratios?  No square plates allowed.

5.  Quick and Easy Pie Chart Pi Day Fruit Pizza Pie ~ This unsuspecting fruit pizza is also a Pi chart.  It shows exactly what a Pie Chart displaying that data would look like.  You can make this quickly with a pre made crust and canned pie filling.

6.  Orange Curd Pi Recipe ~ Make your pie shaped as Pi and forgo the typical round shaped pie.  Aluminum foil was used to mold the pie.  Orange curd filled the shell.  Garnish with blackberries.

7.  Chocolate Pi day Cake Recipe ~ This yummy chocolate Pi cake was made using 3 layers of 9×9 cakes.  Follow the recipe to make your own cake from scratch.

What To Wear on Pi Day

8.  Pi Day Appliqued T-Shirt ~ Print the free Pi symbol, cut it out to make your template.  Use heat n’ bond to transfer the image to your t-shirt.  So cute.

9.  Cutie Pi Shirt – Freezer Paper Stencil Pattern ~ Use this tutorial to add the words “Cutie” or “Q T” before the Pi sign and you’ve got the most adorable t-shirt to wear on March 14th.

10.  Maternity Pi Day Shirt ~ This funny shirt is a great spin on the “bun in the oven” saying.  Every pregnant mama needs some laughter.  Download and print the free freezer paper template.

Pi Day Activities

Pi Day Activities

11.  Kindergarten Pi-Day Activities ~ Several simple yet fun activities like Fraction Paper Plate Pies,  Circle Patterns, Circle Collages, and Muffin Tin Pies.

Pi Day Printables

12.  Pi Day Circle Printables ~  2 inch circle tag pies that can be used to label jars of homemade filling or as small gift cards with pies you give as gifts.

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