Pig Cupcakes

Here are some darling pig cucpakes that you can make for a farm birthday party or just for fun!

What You Will Need:

Cupcakes (in your favorite flavor)
Buttercream Icing (Pink and White)
Large Pink Marshmallows
Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds
Pink Wafer Cookies
Piping bag with round tip

How to Make:

1. Level cupcakes by slicing off the crown if necessary.
2. Ice cupcakes with pink icing.
3. Slice marshmallows in half and place onto cupcake for the snout
4. With white icing, pipe two ovals for the eyes. If you do not have a piping bag and tip you can put white icing in Ziplock bag and snip off the corner.
5. I used a knife to cut slits in the snout where I wanted to the chocolate covered sunflower seeds. It made it easier to push them into the marshmallow.
6. I then pushed a chocolate covered sunflower seed into each of the white ovals to make the pupil of the eyes.
7. With sharp knife, cut triangles from the pink wafer cookies and place at the top for the ears.
8. Voila! Your pig cupcakes are finished!

About the Executive Homemaker:

My name is Tammy and I am a wife and mother living on a small farm in the heart of Texas! Life here is everything from simple to chaotic. You will find me dabbling in many different mediums, just whatever I am inspired by at the moment.
DT Coordinator for PK Glitz (www.pkglitz.com/blog)
Designer for Dixie Pieces (http://www.dixiepieces.com/)
My Blog: www.lifeonpossomtrot.com

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