Pin the Crown on the Frog {free printable}

Play this fun game ‘Pin the Crown on the Frog’ with your family or at a Leap Year party.  This is the same concept as “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.

Pin the Crown on the Frog

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Pin the Crown on the Frog (2883 downloads)

How to Make:

1.  Print out this frog poster onto white card stock (preferred)
2.  Cut along the black lines and cut out the individual crowns.  (There are 8 in the file)
3.  Glue onto a green poster board
4.  Trim poster board so there’s equal “green space” around each side.
5.  Laminate poster and crowns (preferred)

Frog Crown

How to Play:

Add some tape behind each crown.  For each child’s turn, blindfold the child and spin around with the crown in their hand.  Have the child try to pin the crown on top of the frogs head.

I hope you enjoy this fun Leap Year party game!

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