21 Darling Pincushion Patterns To Sew

This is such a darling round up of 21 pincushion patterns to sew!  It’s an amazing variety with wrist pincushions, to animal pin cushions, and even detachable sewing needle cushions.  These free pincushion patterns will come in handy around your sewing room and work as great gifts for sewing friends.

21 Darling Pincushion Patterns To Sew on Tip Junkie

I love how these pin cushions can be made for yourself or as a homemade gift for Mother’s Day or your best friends birthday.  Anyone who enjoys sewing would love a homemade pin cushion as a gift.  {pinky swear}

Pincushion Patterns

Pincushion Patterns

1.  Fabric Strawberries –  these summer strawberries can be enjoyed all year long…perfect in a play kitchen set or to be given as gifts to the crafters in your life as a perfect little needle cushion.
2.  Bitty Bug Pincushion – Looking for a quick fix? It’s the perfect answer for Mother’s Day or when you need to make a little something to give to a crafty friend.
3.  How To Make a Pincushion Ring – Inspired by the adorable and insanely talented Mondo Guerra often wore on Project Runway.
4.  Heather Bailey’s Effie & Ollie Elephant Mini Pattern Make a troop of acrobatic elephants to sort and stack — or whip up a happy pachyderm pincushion for your sewing studio.

Turtle Pincushion - Pattern and Sewing Tutorial

5.  Turtle Pincushion – Pattern and Sewing Tutorial – Holy Smokes this is so darling as it doubles as a COMBO Turtle Pin cushion with Sewing Kit.

Pin Cushion Patterns To Make

Pin Cushion Patterns To Make

6.  Large Honeybun Tutorial – These are super simple to sew and are really handy in your sewing room.
7.  Gift Box Pincushion – Make an easy gift box needle cushion. Perfect crafty gift for someone who sews.
8.  Pincushion Tutorial “Ride-Along” – This pincushion is based off of a soccer ball; which if you look closely you’ll notice both hexagon (6-sided) and pentagon (5-sided) shapes.
9.  The Making of a Finger Pincushion – A fun and simple tutorial on how to make these darling finger pin cushions with pictured instructions.

Sewing Needle Cushion

Sewing Needle Cushion
10.  Hex Pincushions – I’ve had a minor obsession with hexagons lately so it seemed appropriate that my pincushion should take that form.
11.  Little House Pincushion Tutorial – This little house pincushion is a Christmas Cottage, complete with a reindeer and snow! And not only is it a super cute pincushion, but it also has a hidden needle-case under the roof!
12.  Retro Wristband Pincushion – How to make a Retro Pincushion from a Wristband
13.  Tuna Can Pincushion – Tutorial for making a darling pin cushion out of an empty tuna can.

Darling Pincushion Patterns To Sew

14.  Pincushion Cuff Tutorial – How to sew this darling flower wrist pincushion that you can wear like a cuff for your wrist.
15.  Blossom and Bumblebee Pincushion {Tutorial} – A DIY blossom and bumblebee pin cushion.  There are lots of pincushion tutorials out there, but I think this one is particularly cute and fun.
16.  Ball jar pincushion Tutorial – Want to make a personalized pincushion that doubles as a storage jar? It’s super easy.
17.  Tutorial: Baby food jar pincushion – One of my favorite tutorials is for a Baby Food Jar Pincushion.  They are so easy and fun to make.


18.  Square Patchwork – This pincushion is a simple patchworked number, four squares on each side, with a button detail in the center. Easy Peasy.
19.  Bottle Cap Mini Pin Cushions – . Here is a brief tutorial for a tiny pincushion made with a bottle cap as the base. You can whip these up in about two minutes!
20.  Mushroom Pin Cushion Tutorial – Its a fairly simple project that requires a bit of sewing and a hot glue gun. I purchased all the supplies at my local craft store.

Sewing Caddy and detachable Pincushion Tutorial
21.  Sewing Caddy and detachable Pincushion Tutorial – An amazing way to keep your scissors, trash can, and pincushion all in one place; right under your sewing machine.  What makes this really exciting is that the pin cushion is detachable so you can use it anywhere.

More Sewing Patterns from Tip Junkie:

Thanks Ladies. These needle cushions are incredible and it makes me want to sew something! Feel free to grab my I was featured on Tip Junkie blog button. You earned it! {{knuckle bumps}}

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Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
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Homemade Gift


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  1. I have had your sewing tutorial page in my favs for months and recently started teaching myself to sew. I’ve been sitting here for over an hour looking at all your projects and patterns. I love everything!!!! Thanks so much for sharing everything! You are very talented. I can’t wait to try numerous things!

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