22 Pinewood Derby Ideas, Tips and Tutorials


Here are 22 of the best pinewood derby tips, pinewood derby tricks and even how to make the best pinewood derby car including free printables! These tips and parties are seriously over-the-top but you can tone them down according to your budget and preferred color scheme.

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Pinewood Derby Races

1.  DIY Pinewood Derby Trophy ~ Turn scraps of wood and toy cars into trophies to give each pinewood derby winner.

2.  Pinewood Derby Awards ~ Pinewood discs of wood and ribbon are used to make winners medals.

3.  DIY Pinewood Derby Track ~ Learn how to build a pinewood derby race track with this step by step tutorial.

4.  Pinewood Derby Car Display ~ Make a car display to hold several years worth of pinewood derby cars.

5.  How to Build a Pinewood Derby Track ~ Your derby cars will be zipping down this race track in no time with this amazing tutorial.

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Pinewood Derby Car Designs Free

6.  Basic Pinewood Derby Car Building Instructions ~ Never built a pinewood derby race car?  This post shows you the basics to building your own.  It even includes a template to make the car body.

7.  Blinged Out Car ~ Pink, a tiara and full of rhinestones, what could be more appropriate for the girly girly?!

8.  Pinewood Derby Creeper Car {Minecraft} ~ The perfect derby car for the Minecraft lover.  After the design was sketched onto the body of the car it was ready to paint.

9.  Pinewood Racer Template {free file} ~ A free template to make a light weight race car designed for speed.

10.  Super Mario & Angry Birds Car ~ A Mario toy was used and a button for the steering wheel for the Super Mario car.  A party favor eraser was used to make the Angry Birds car.

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Pinewood Derby Tricks

11.  How to Make Your Pinewood Derby Car FAST ~ Weight, friction and even the axle location can make your child’s car faster.  Sugar Bee Crafts gives you some amazing tips and tricks to make your car the fastest!

12.  Pinewood Derby Speed Tip ~ Maximize your child’s derby car potential with this speed tip.  When the weight is located in the rear of the car it will dramatically improve its performance.

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Pinewood Derby Party

13.  Pinewood Derby Participation Awards ~ Everyone’s a winner!  Each participant gets a participation award.  Blocks of wood are painted blue and hot wheels cars are spray painted gold to nestle on top.  There are even free printables to use.

14.  Pinewood Derby Birthday Party ~ On your mark.  Get set.  Vroom on by to this fun derby party!  This fun filled party includes a concession stand decorated with checkered flags, banners and complete with hot dogs and popcorn.  Guests got to make their own pinewood derby car and then race them on the track!  Dad’s are going to have just as much fun as the kids.

15.  Stoplight Brownies ~ Boxed brownie mix is revved up with frosting and red, yellow and green m&m’s to make stoplight brownies.

16.  Pinewood Derby Food Ideas ~ Fun car-themed food ideas including mini chocolate donuts for “spare tires” and apple slices and grapes “cars”.

17.  Race Car Party ~ The red, white and black is such an eye catcher. And I love the “re-fueling” station with the oil funnels under the drinks. Lots of great pics here for inspiration if you are looking to do a racing party of your own.

18.  Derby Car Favors ~ Make these fun edible pinewood derby cars for party favors or use them as trophies.  A box of junior mints is used for the body and miniature candy bars and candies are used for the remainder of the car.

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Free Printables

19.  Vintage Oil Can Replicas ~ Tin cans are transformed into vintage oil can replicas with these free printable labels.

20.  Pinewood Derby Pit Pass {free printable} ~ Make lanyards for the children to wear using this free printable.  Add a shoe string or other string to use as the necklace.

21.  Pinewood Derby Lanyards and Certificates ~ Printable lanyards and certificates in a black and white option as well as in color.  You can even add your child’s photo to the lanyard.

22.  Pinewood Derby Printables ~ Throwing a pinewood derby party is easier than ever using this free printables set.  It includes wraps, cupcake toppers, signs and food tents.  Print them at home or have an office supply print them for you for around $2.00.

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