Playroom Decor Ideas


Hey, Hey!  I’m looking for all kinds of room decor and will be featuring them periodically.  Submit your ideas and if you have a specific room you’d like me to feature feel free to leave a comment and I’ll move it up on the list. {{You know I’ve got your back!}}

Playroom decor is up today and I’ve found some really cool ones.  I hope they inspire you to do something fun with a room or space in your home.

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1.  Animal Farm Play Room
2.  Playground Playroom
3.  Creative creations for under the stairs
4.  Americana Playroom

5. $13 Paper-covered Wall
6.  Find Room for a Playroom
7.  Preschool Playroom
8.  Nursery ABC Wall

9.  Playroom Makeover
10.  Resourceful Home Playroom
11.  Kate’s playroom decor
12.  Tree mural playroom

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  1. Comment-Anonymous Liz McCoy

    YAY I’ve just been researching this for our new house!! I’ve got my design board almost finished!! I’ll send you a link as soon as we move forward.

  2. Comment-Anonymous Gray

    I love how you can make a playroom fun!!! ANYTHING GOES!!!!

  3. Comment-Anonymous Stephanie Lynn

    Laurie, Thank you so much for adding our playroom to your posts! I’m honored to say the least! I had so much fun putting our playroom together. I greatly apprecite the link! Hope you are having a great week. ~ Stephanie Lynn

  4. Comment-Anonymous Amanda @ Serenity Now

    I loooove all of these links. 🙂 This may be the push I needed to go ahead and decorate our Addition as a playroom since that’s where all the toys are anyways. 😉

  5. Comment-Anonymous Deidre Gustus


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