Potpourri in a Jar


Potpourri in a Jar

This is such an easy small gift for the holiday season.  Perfect for neighbors and friends.  Pour all the ingredients in a pan and simmer for a fruity spice fragrance that fills your home with the scent of the holidays.

How to Make:

1.  Slice lemons, limes, oranges. (If you’re doing a bunch you can purchase big bags at Sams or Costco.)

2.  Layer each one and then put a small handful of cranberries in a jar.  Continue to  layer all the way up.
3.  When the bottle is full just fill it with water.

4.  Attach a spice bag to the bow on the jar.  It has cinnamon sticks and cloves.

How to Cook:

Add all the ingredience in a pan and simmer.  You can just keep adding water as it boils off for about a week (or until it looses its nice smell).

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