10 Pretty Cake Recipes for Parties


Decadent and pretty cake recipes are perfect for parties or to celebrate any occasion with your family.  These pretty cake tutorials include red velvet cakes, molten chocolate, funnel, butter, and even black forest cake recipes.  They look so delicious, don’t you think?

Pretty Cake Recipes

Chocolate Cake

1.  Favorite Chocolate Cake ~ Everyone needs a favorite chocolate cake recipe and Christi takes the guess work out of finding it.  Use this as your party stand by when you need a super chocolatey and moist cake.  The recipe comes from Hershey’s, so you know it’s good!

White Cake

2.  White Cake with Strawberry Cream Frosting ~ This cake is all about the strawberry cream frosting.  If baking from scratch isn’t your thing, you can even make this cake from a boxed mix.  {{shhh, don’t tell}}.

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Red Velvet Cake

3.  Southern Red Velvet Cake ~ Diane created her own recipe based on multiple recipes and liked it so much it’s a definite keeper.  Likewise, the decorating design was created by mixing ideas she found from a variety of places.  Her cake looks amazing and I’d really love a bite right about now!  {wink}

Molten Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Molten Cake

4.  Chocolate Molten Cake ~ I almost wish that I hadn’t seen Delicious Shots recipe and post about molten cake.  I really had no idea that something so delicious with such a lovely presentation could be baked in under 15 minutes….

Funnel Cake Recipe

Easy Funnel Cake

5.  Easy Funnel Cake ~ Finding a good funnel cake recipe is harder than you may think.  Now you don’t have to go to the state fair to get a delicious funnel cake  {{yippee}}!  Imagine everyone’s surprise if you showed up at a party with a funnel cake!

Pound Cake

Chocolate Pound Cake

6.  Triple Chocolate Pound Cake ~ If regular pound cake isn’t your thing, then this variation should be right up your alley.  NancyCreative even offers two versions of the recipe depending upon whether you like your pound cake on the dense side or not.

Pound Cake

7.  Low Fat Pound Cake ~ This recipe by Bakers Royale is low fat, BUT it’s moist and wonderfully delicious.  And, who doesn’t want to try a cake that does taste every bit as good as the full calorie version but that you can eat TWO slices of?  {{raising hand}}

Black Forest Cake Recipe

Black Forest Cake

8.  Black Forest Cake ~ The Black Forest Cake combines chocolate and cherries and whipped cream and most recipes usually contain Kirsch liqueur as well.  This recipe hits all of the above and looks delicious!

Chocolate Raspberry Forest Cake

9.  Chocolate Raspberry Forest Cake~  This Black Forest Cake Variation is fabulous for those that aren’t into cherries and don’t want to bake with liquor.  The cake is made with dark chocolate cake layers and dark chocolate ganache and raspberry filling!

Butter Cake Recipe

Vanilla Butter Cake

10.  Vanilla Butter Cake ~  This recipe uses cake flour for a denser consistency, but the vanilla flavor that comes through is delicious, according to Sweetapolia!

More Pretty Cakes:

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