Printable Snack Chart


Write down the food or snack that you are going to feed your kiddos or you can have them write down the snacks they ate for the day. Making them write down the snacks themselves makes them (and you of course!) aware of what they are stuffing their mouths with — whether they’re healthy food or not. And at the end of the week, you and your child can examine the worksheet and evaluate your child’s eating habits.


  1. Comment-Anonymous Amy W.

    Love, love, love the idea of the snack chart. I think it would help my kids keep a lid on their snacking. My youngest can’t get her own snacks, but my oldest can and does. I never know what he has actually eaten, and he always says “Not that much.”

    Thanks for a great printable.

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  3. Comment-Anonymous Double Dipped Life

    Is this for ME? Thank you so much for taking my request and running with it! I love this!
    (I’m Krista on FB!)

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  5. Kbarnette81 kbarnette81

    How do I print this chart?

    1. Laurie T Laurie Turk

      Darn! It looks like the site that hosted it has gone offline….

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