10 Don’ts When Remodelling Kit Homes


Every year, millions of people carry out an expensive task of remodelling their homes. Frequently, logical and smart people make mistakes that end up causing them thousands of dollars in the process. In this post, I am going to offer my advice with a list of don’ts when remodelling your kit home.

Don’t Assume You Can Do it all by Yourself

Many people including me admit that sometimes they wish they could do everything by themselves. The reality is that some things are better left for professionals to handle. Not every remodelling project can be done in a DIY manner. While you can comfortably detach a lighting fixture from the roof, you might not be in a position to turn off the electricity supply to that circuit or make a switch to a more sustainable kit home solution like steel. Ensure you consider which set of skills you have and the level of experience before you execute the project. If you feel you don’t have what it takes, seek the help of a professional.

Don’t’ Seek Help from an Inexperienced Person

This is not the time to ask a member of the family or a close friend for help. Though it can be a good way to save money by dodging a professional, it can cost you more. Don’t relent on your decision even if they claim they are qualified to do home renovations. You can use inexperienced friends and family to move belongings, cleaning and other small chores, but not renovations.

Don’t Make a Rigid Budget

Make your budget flexible even if you have done your estimates on how much material, labour and other components will cost. Most building projects have unforeseen circumstances that camouflage only to surface when the project starts. For example, renovating the roof can result in electrical and plumbing problems that must be fixed. Ensure you consider such surprises when budgeting.

Don’t Ignore to Time the Project Properly

In every construction project, timing is quite crucial. Some improvements can take two days while others can take up to a month to complete. To determine the amount of time you need, consider your level of experience. Also, consider the number and type of tools you have, and whether you have assistance to help you finish the job promptly.

Don’t Ignore Local Building Regulations

Some people think that they don’t need to establish any engagement with the local authorities when renovating their homes. Even if you are a member of kit homes, you must adhere to the set building codes every time. Be careful, especially if you are constructing a pool or pouring a structural foundation in the neighbourhood. Installation of some electrical and mechanical elements may also need a building inspector for safety purposes.

Don’t Forget to Take Pictures

Photos are important when hiring a professional builder to help you out with home remodelling. Photos are the perfect way of communicating your intentions to the contractor. Don’t forget that the contractor needs ideas of what pleases you. You can find photos from real estate magazines or the ones you collect from brochures. Don’t completely rely on your verbal explanation and then expect to get the best results.

Don’t Compromise Your Safety

Never jeopardize your safety by having the project done quicker or at a lower price. Always go for the best even if it means parting with a lot of money. When working, ensure you uphold safety standards throughout. Ensure you have effective scaffolding, ladders and fall protection safety equipment near you. In case you are sceptical of working with high power equipment, hire a professional to help you out.

Gather All the Things You Need Before the Project

In case you are ordering for equipment, wait until they are at your disposal before you start the project. Some people can start demolishing a building component only to be stuck in the middle because a certain material failed to arrive on time. Waiting can help prevent the component of the building such as kitchen or bathroom from being inoperable for days or weeks.

Don’t Forget to Research Thoroughly

You need to determine all the specifics before you start the project. Even if you saw an attractive kitchen design somewhere, don’t pounce on it without considering important details such as the cost of materials, labour and the time it will take to complete.

Don’t Assume You Can’t Get the Dream House You Have Always Wanted

Some people are afraid of doing renovations because they are unsure of the cost, time and the resources the project will need. Seek the help of a professional builder, and take time to research. This will build your confidence and help you get what you have always wanted.

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