10 Tips For Home Office Fitouts You Actually Want To Work In


These days, many people are reaping the benefits of working from home – you have a better work/life balance, there’s no busy commute and you have the ability to design an office space that you love. In this article, we have shared 10 of our favourite tips for the most successful home office fitouts.

Use Pinterest, but do so responsibly
Whilst you should certainly browse Pinterest for inspiration, keep in mind that many of the office spaces you discover are not actually designed to accommodate a 50 hour working week. An upholstered chair might look great, but it won’t provide your back with adequate support.

Always follow ergonomic rules
These include: the top of your computer screen being at eye level (or a little below), positioning your keyboard so that your forearms are parallel to the floor, and adjusting your chair so that your feet rest firmly on something (such as the floor or a footrest).

Embrace the presence of natural light
When putting a desk into a home office, many people instinctively place it right up against the wall in the darkest corner of the room. This inadvertently recreates the cubicle. Instead, place the desk close to the window so you can reap the benefits of sunlight and take in the view.

Don’t forget artificial lighting
Keep in mind that artificial lighting will still sometimes be required, such as on those dark winter mornings. Most overhead lighting is actually inadequate for work, so instead include some table lamps. These will offer a nice, soft glow alongside many design possibilities.

Get creative with your storage options
Whilst filing cabinets aren’t the most attractive pieces of furniture, they are necessary for storing files. If you need bookcases, ensure that you get the perfect size – big enough that you don’t overfill them and artful enough that they look great when visitors drop by.

Create a comfortable space
Whilst your desk is for active work, you probably also need a place for thinking or reading. A great office space will have a comfy chair for curling up with a coffee table. The addition of a luxurious throw and a colourful pillow will out the finishing touches on the space.

Add some greenery for naturalness
Research has found that plants actually make people happier. If you have chosen a flowering one, they can also brighten up your space. Another great thing about plants (as opposed to other living things, like fish) is that they can often go a few days without being watered.

Personalise your space thoughtfully
Whilst putting photographs of your family on the desk or walls is a great idea, they can become like wallpaper if they aren’t changed up. So, rotate photographs for your home office fitout and include mementos of your success (such as framed certificates).

Hide things you don’t want to look at
The offices of today have a lot of cords – why not run a power strip behind your desk and plug everything into that? Some people also find that printers and other equipment can make the space look cluttered, so consider hiding them away in the cupboard.

Don’t be afraid to overstock
You don’t want to be darting out of your office every few minutes to grab something (particularly if other people are home). So, ensure that you keep all your supplies handy. We recommend keeping your lunch in the kitchen though, as we all need breaks.

If you are in the process of completing a home office fitout, we hope that you find the above tips useful in making it as successful as possible. You also cannot discount the advantages of obtaining professional assistance, as these experts can suggest ideas you never even dreamed of.

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