3 Tips To Slow Down Thinning Hair

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Thinning hair may be cause by a number of reasons, including genetics, poor nutrition, as well as improper hair care. If you’re currently suffering from thinning hair, follow these 3 quick and easy tips to significantly reduce the rate of your hair fall.

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    Condition Your Hair Daily: If your hair is under a lot of stress from things like dyes, bleaches or other chemical treatments, or if you frequently use a flat iron, curling brush or other hot styling tool, you need to condition it daily. These treatments can cause hair to weaken, break or fall out – leading to thinning hair.

    Use a hair conditioner that has amino acids listed in the ingredients list. It will help protect your hair from being damaged by harsh treatments.

  • Step 2

    Give Your Hair A Weekly Intensive Treatment: Look for a hot oil treatment or other intensive treatment that contains Panthenol. It’s a humectant that is absorbed deep into the shaft, where it traps moisture. Hair will look thicker and fuller.

    As you massage the treatment into your hair, you’ll also be stimulating scalp’s blood circulation. Better circulation creates healthier follicles and improved growth.

  • Step 3

    Substitute Heavy Products with Lightweight Sprays or Mousses: Some serums, gels and creams are very heavy and can weigh your hair down making it thinner areas more obvious. Replace those products with lighter mousses and hairsprays that will add volume and extra body to your hair. They also wash and brush out easier, reducing hair loss from breakage.



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