4 Types Of Foods You Should Not Eat Before You Sleep At Night

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Depending on what kind of day you had, you may still be a little hungry just before going to bed. However, there’s a smart way to snack, and a not-so-smart way to snack before slumbering.

Choosing the wrong snacks/food may interrupt your normal sleep patterns in addition to packing-on numerous empty calories.

Check out the following 4 kinds of foods to avoid before bed and why it’s not a good idea to eat them…

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    Foods High In Carbohydrates And Sugar

    Avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugar such as cookies, pie, cake, or even crackers before going to sleep. In other words, try to refrain from eating foods made from wheat or flour. These kinds of foods will spike your blood sugar levels and cause your level of energy to boost and then crash, which may interrupt your regular sleep cycle.

    If you absolutely must have a little snack to quiet your hunger, eat a healthy piece of fruit like an apple instead.

  • Step 2

    Stay Away From Spicy Foods

    Spices are naturally good for you in many ways, but eating them at night in the form of spicy food is not one of them.

    Spicy foods contain specific chemicals that can accelerate your senses, which makes it difficult to go to sleep. Not only that, foods that are spicy and zesty can give you an upset stomach too.

  • Step 3

    Avoid Greasy, Oily, Fatty Foods

    Heavy, fatty, greasy foods consumed before bed make your stomach work extra hard in order to digest them. Also, the next morning you will likely feel sluggish and lethargic – as if you have a ‘food hangover’.

    Try to avoid eating foods such as ice cream, nuts, extra cheesy foods, and any kind of fast food before bedtime.

  • Step 4

    Foods Rich In Protein

    Similar to fatty foods, consuming high protein foods like red meats will sit like a brick in your stomach most of the night. This will make it harder to fall asleep trying to effectively digest all that meat. Although red meat is the biggest and worst culprit, huge amounts of pork or chicken will have a similar result on your digestive system as well.

    If you must eat something, opt for a smaller portion of lean proteins like sliced deli ham or turkey, or a small container of yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese.


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