5 All-Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Oily Hair

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The hair follicles in your scalp secrete the oils your hair and scalp need to stay healthy. Dry, brittle hair may be due to the hair follicles not producing enough oil.

Some people, by contrast, have follicles that over-produce oil, so that their hair has an oily look and feel. If this is you, worry not! There are several things you can do about it, and none of them require buying special products from the drugstore.

In fact, you can treat your oily hair with natural substances you may already have around the house. The five home remedies in this article will help you reduce or even prevent oily hair…

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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Put Curls Or Waves In Your Hair

    The natural oil from your scalp slights straight down the shafts of your hair, when those shafts are straight. If your hair is curled or wavy, on the other hand, the extra bends and waves in it make it more difficult for oil to travel along the hair.

    Therefore, curling your hair or styling it in waves is one way to reduce the appearance of oiliness.

  • Step 2

    Apply An Acidic Rinse To Your Hair

    Acidic, natural liquids, including tea, vinegar, and diluted lemon juice, help reduce the amount of oil in your hair.

    To be specific, these liquids all contain tannic acid, which acts as a natural astringent. They leave hair looking clean without removing all the oil from it. (After all, your hair does need just enough oil to keep it from being dry and brittle.)

  • Step 3

    The Oatmeal Treatment

    Cooked oatmeal works well as a remedy for oily hair because it not only absorbs the oil from the roots, it also helps get rid of itching while exfoliating the scalp.

    If you don’t have enough time to make oatmeal or take a shower, just take a small handful of dry oatmeal, sprinkle it onto your scalp, give it a minute or two to absorb the excess oil, then brush it out of your hair.

  • Step 4

    Treat Your Hair With Cocoa Powder, Cornstarch, Or Baby Powder

    All of these substances can absorb oil. If your hair is a lighter color, baby powder, cornstarch, and even body powders with fragrance are good choices. Apply some of your powder of choice to a powder puff, and blot the roots of your hair with it to absorb oil and leave your hair smelling clean and fresh.

    If your hair is dark, you can perform the above treatment using cocoa powder. Dark-colored (brown or black) eyeshadow will also work for this; simply put it on your roots with an old blush brush. Be sure not to let the eyeshadow leave visible marks on the scalp.

  • Step 5

    Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Single Day

    When you shampoo your hair, you remove oil from it and dry it out, so your scalp works overtime to compensate for the lost oil by over-producing it. Therefore, if your hair is oily and you’re washing it every day, you’re only perpetuating the problem, not solving it.

    Start by picking two days out of every week and not washing your hair on those days. On those two days, brush your hair with a brush with natural bristles to make sure some of the oil gets to the tips of the hair, where it’s most needed.


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