5 Tips and Tricks for Healthy Skin Every Woman Should Know

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Your skin is the largest organ you have, and it’s one of the most important, providing several vital functions.

It regulates your body temperature, gives you tactile sensory input, and helps remove waste water from your body through sweat, not to mention that it helps keep you looking gorgeous. These are only some of the reasons it’s important to keep your skin well-nourished and healthy.

In this article, you’ll learn five great ways to do just that…

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    1. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

    When you keep your skin protected from everyday exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, you’re doing yourself a lot of big favors.

    You’re keeping your skin smoother, more evenly toned, and younger-looking, while helping to prevent wrinkles. Those UV rays are one of the major causes of damage to collagen, the substance that supports your skin and allows it to keep its shape.

    For maximum protection, use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher that lists zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or avobenzone as one of its ingredients.

  • Step 2

    2. Get Your Beauty Sleep…

    Yes, we do mean it literally! Just like every other part of your body, your skin restores and repairs itself at night.

    When you’re asleep, enzymes help repair your skin by removing damaged segments of DNA from skin cells. Be sure to get 6-8 hours of sleep each night to give your skin cells the chance to rest, repair themselves, and get ready for whatever challenges the next day dishes out.

  • Step 3

    3. …But Don’t Sleep With Makeup On

    When you’ve been up late, you may feel the urge to collapse into bed without washing off your makeup first. However, when you leave it on, it gets into your pores and clogs them. That traps oil in your pores and causes dead skin cells to build up in them, ultimately leading to breakouts.

    Not only that, but makeup left on your skin overnight dries out your skin, which just makes any lines you may have stand out even more in the morning.

    For these reasons, you should make taking off your makeup and using a facial cleanser part of your nightly routine.

  • Step 4

    4. Keep Your Skin Looking Young With Retin A

    After your thirtieth birthday, your skin starts to produce less collagen and break down more of it, leading to an overall loss of collagen at a rate of about 2% per year. This loss of collagen makes your skin more vulnerable to wrinkles, sags, and unevenness in skin tone.

    To stimulate your skin to produce more collagen, use Retin A. Just before you go to bed, apply a very small amount of Retin A to your skin. At first, use it only 2-3 times per week, and as your skin gets used to it, work your way up to applying it every night.

  • Step 5

    5. Use Skin Care Products In Moderation

    The key to good skin care is balanced support for your skin. There’s no need to overdo your efforts to get perfect skin – in fact, less is usually more.

    For instance, if you use more than one product designed to remove the extra oil from your skin in an effort to get rid of acne, you’ll probably end up drying your skin up too much. Your skin will react by making your oil glands work overtime to make up for all the oil they’ve lost, which will probably result in additional breakouts.


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