5 Tips That Can Keep Your Skin Healthy In Summer

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As summer approaches, it’s time to start paying attention to the damage that the sun can do to your complexion. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause premature aging of the skin if you don’t keep it protected.

If you want to keep young, healthy and glowing skin for as long as you can, follow these 5 tips for protecting your skin from the sun…

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    1. Use Appropriate Sunscreen

    You should apply a sunscreen with 30 SPF every day to your face, neck, arms and hands. Keep a bottle in the bathroom next to the sink and make it a part of your morning routine. You should apply again at least once more during the day; if you plan on being outdoors or swimming, apply even more often.

  • Step 2

    2. Before Make-Up, Splash Your Face with Cold Water

    After you wash your face and before putting on makeup, splash cold water over your skin. Makeup can settle into pores, making them appear more pronounced; cold water tightens the pores to prevent this.

  • Step 3

    3. Moisturize Your Whole Body

    While applying moisturizer to our faces is part of our daily routine, many of us forget that it’s important to moisturize below the neckline too. Even though your skin may not be as exposed as your face, it’s still important to keep it healthy.

  • Step 4

    4. Keep Hydrated

    Staying hydrated is important for every single organ in your body – including your skin. Drink plenty of water every day – and even more when you’re outside in the sun. Remember – skin that isn’t hydrated shows more lines and wrinkles!

  • Step 5

    5. Exfoliate Regularly

    Your skin cells die at the rate of millions a day; make sure you exfoliate regularly to get those dull, dead cells off and let your new, fresh skin shine through!


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