7 Steps to Perfect Eye Makeup For Deep Set Eyes


Finding out your natural eye shape is as important as determining the most satisfying colours for your eyelids. Knowing how you should apply winged eyeliner and eye shadow will help you in better understanding the makeup techniques and trends that fit your face.

Deep Set Eyes

Deep Set Eyes
If you don’t know what the deep set eyes are, then let me brief you about it. They are a set of large eyes set deeper in the skull, creating an image of a more outstanding brow-bone.

You can easily make out whether you have deep set eyes or not by placing your hand over the index finger vertically and over your eyelid. Touch the brow bone with the tip of your finger, with your palm resting on your cheek. If your eye remains open without you needing to touch it, then it means you have deep set eyes.

If you have deep set eyes, probably you must be thinking that your eyes looked dark and shaded seeing as they are quite deep-set on your face. For many girls their eyes are the main attraction on their face, but for those people who have deep set eyes getting all made up and standing out if the crowd is a hassle. If this sounds like you, don’t worry.

There are some fresh and easy tips that you can use to make your deep set eyes look amazing. You need to follow these seven eyes makeup steps to achieve that wow look.

Step One: Start With A Primer

makeup primer

You can begin with a layer of eye shadow primers around the eyes to be certain that all your hard work after the first step doesn’t go wasted. It will just take you a minute to make sure that the makeup stays and looks beaming for hours and hours.

Step Two: Conceal The Dark Circles

The fact is that deep set eyes have more dark circles their eyes and creases as compared to other shaped eyes. If not checked time to time this can make your face look gaunt and haggard. To get show stopping eyes the second step is to conceal those dark circles, for that you need a concealer. You can conceal them with concealer and blend it until it matches your skin tone. You can add your foundation on top of it to give instantly your eyes highlighted effect and free from dark circles.

Step Three: Emphasize Your Eyes

If you have started by following the step one, then your eyes should be looking highlighted. To give them a more illuminated effect you need to use a light eyeshadow and sweep it across your inner eye and eyelid. Don’t be afraid of using too much of the eyeshadow, make sure your entire eye is covered in it focusing mainly on the inner edge.

Step Four: Add A Slight Dark Effect

I know you must be thinking, she’s crazy, contradicting herself? Well, I know I am, but there is an excellent reason behind it. You didn’t think I was stopping you from using any dark colours right. Add a darker eye shadow at the outer edge of the eyelid while blending it with the lighter colour to get a stunning two-tone look. Try to mix and match your darker and lighter eyeshadow, it’s best you use a darker colour of the light colour you choose.

Step Five: Make Those Eyes – Cat Eyes

Just because you have deep set eyes, that does not mean you should ditch the eyeliner. Start with a thin liner across your inner eye and then gradually make it thicker towards the outer edge – you know that’s how you do the cat eyeliner. To add the wow factor, ensure that you make a classic flick at the corner of the eye for a perfect cat eye makeup.

Step Six: Mascara Is The Key

makeup mascara

Whether you have got the brightest, biggest eyes in the world or the deep-set one, it’s next to impossible to go without mascara. Use a tone that matches your hair colour brown mascara if you are fair and black if you have any other complexion to bring out your eyes. I would recommend that you use mascara that adds both length and volume and if necessary apply a second coat as well.

Step Seven: Secure Your Makeup

And in the end, you need to add a brush of powder to make sure that your makeup is secure in its place. If used with the primer, then together with powder, it will make sure to look flawless all night and day. This is just an extra step which ensures that all your hard work doesn’t go wasted. It will give your eye, skin a radiant and smooth look.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
1-2 Hours
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