A Mydal Bunk Bed Flat Pack Assembly

Mydal bunk beds are among the top sellers IKEA home furnishings has to offer. The good thing about flat pack furniture is it is not only ready to assemble, but begging to upgrade and experiment with. The Mydal flat pack in particular is among those bed units, that allow a wide field for improvisation. Maybe that’s why it is among the most popular IKEA units on the market.

In this particular DIY, the IKEA assembly service was done by me. After all I am a fantastic furniture assembly professional. We have only one child and that’s why my and my wife wanted to put the Mydal bunk bed construction to a better use. Someday we might and most probably will have another child, but for now we chose to assemble and adapt the flat pack only for our lovely daughter. I might say that this was an ace ikea assembly service!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
4 Hours
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    You have to disassemble the lower panel part. In general the bottom is really simple to take apart. A good tip is to add a few extra nails just to make sure you have a nice and solid structure.

  • Step 2

    If you have not assembled a proper plan, you will have to find a suitable solution for you child to reach the second floor. You could put together a simple ladder or add an extra stairway. As an ikea assembly service professional I can guarantee that if strengthened you can easily add a proper ladder.

  • Step 3

    In order to assemble the perfect kitchen playground – you will need curtains! No matter what material or parts you use – make sure you have more of those in case you need to replace any.

  • Step 4

    Make sure you put your bottom part to the right use. It’s often easier to take an ikea flat pack a part, rather then choose the right game for your child. Depending if you have a boy, girl or two, you will have to find the right balance. I’ve seen such Mydal unit gather dust and I’ve seen it full of laugh.

  • Step 5

    Paint your Mydal bunk bed. Flat pack wood is really easy to paint, so the hardest part will once again be choice. Have in mind that children tend to destroy everything, so you might save a bit of the colour you choose.


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