Alice Through the Looking Glass Mixed Media Bottles

Celebrate the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass by making mixed media bottles with images of your favorite characters! Check out the video tutorial here:

Alice Through the Looking Glass Mixed Media Bottles
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$25 to $50
1-2 Hours
-- Adult
Party Decorating


Inspired From:

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    1. Using Americana Decoupage in matte, cover a wine bottle in ripped book pages
    *Always mist both sides of the paper with water to relax it first so it doesn’t bubble when you decoupage
    2. Print your image on book page paper and on plain paper
    (Images are HERE)
    3. Cut the book page image about the size of a large wine label and decoupage to the bottle
    4. Cut around the image on the plain paper and apply it over the book page “label”
    5. Decoupage other images on the back of the bottle
    *I used clocks for the White Rabbit bottle
    6. & 7. Hot glue lace and fabric flowers around the image to create a frame
    8. 9. & 10. Using the Metallic Luster, paint the bottle and lace and when dry add strips of stick on rhinestones
    I started with Fab Fuchsia, added Brilliant Turquoise over it and then highlighted with Gold Rush
    11. & 12. Print the Queen of Hearts image and glue it to a real playing card

  • Step 2

    13. 14. & 15. Glue a chandelier crystal to an old marker cap and then wrap it in fabric and metallic gold thread to create a decorative stopper
    16. Attach the charms to the chain
    17. & 18. Wrap the ribbon, chain and strips of fabric around the neck of the bottle and then tie the card to the end of one of the hanging strands

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