Applying Foundation: Tips To Give Your Face A Flawless Finish

The purpose of foundation is to make your skin appear flawless by creating an even skin tone. However, if you apply foundation incorrectly, you might end up looking silly.

These foundation application tips will help you avoid making mistakes and look your best…

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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Step #1: Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly

    The state of the skin beneath the makeup plays an important role in how your makeup looks. If your skin is clean, moisturized well, and exfoliated, your makeup will look smooth and clean, and will last longer.

  • Step 2

    Step #2: Use A Moisturizing Sunscreen

    You may be surprised to find this step on this list, but we assure you, it’s a very important step. Foundation always looks smoother when it’s applied to skin that is properly hydrated. Not only that, but by using a moisturizing sunscreen, you’re giving your skin additional protection from damaging UV rays, which helps to postpone the appearance of fine lines and lowers your risk of developing skin cancer.

    Before applying your foundation, allow at least 3 to 5 minutes for the moisturizing sunscreen to soak into your skin, and then use a tissue to wipe away excess moisturizer.

  • Step 3

    Step #3: Use The Dot Method To Apply Foundation

    Put some foundation on either a makeup sponge or your fingertip, then use it to place dots of foundation on your chin, your forehead, both cheekbones, and the very tip of your nose.

  • Step 4

    Step #4: Blend The Dots Into Each Other

    Use your fingertips, your makeup sponge, or a foundation brush to spread the foundation out from the dots you made until it covers your entire face evenly.

    Be careful not to leave an obvious line of demarcation at your jaw-line or near your hairline – blend the foundation into your skin especially well in those areas.

  • Step 5

    Step #5: Use Loose Powder To Set Your Foundation

    Right after applying your foundation, use a makeup brush to brush a light coating of loose powder over your entire face. This sets your foundation in place.

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