Avery’s Doc McStuffins Party Ideas DIY


Easy DIY party ideas for an adorable Doc McStuffins birthday your little girl will love. Including party food, games to play, and great homemade cake.

My sister, Lisa, threw the cutest Doc McStuffins birthday party when her daughter turned 3 years old.  My goodness, she is getting so big.  My niece is so into the Doc McStuffins cartoon that we’re all convinced she’s going to be a doctor when she grows up.

It was so much fun to attend a girls birthday party and enjoyed every minute of it.

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Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Food Ideas:

  • Doc McStuffin’s Bandaids
  • Yogurt Shots {in the syringes}
  • String Cheese thermometers
  • We also did carrots for Chilly’s (the snowman’s name) noses and olives for Chilly’s buttons
    The food bandaids were made of wafers and conversation hearts flipped over
  • Here are the Doc McStuffins Labels

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Games:

Party Favors:

Each party guest received a lab coat and a stethoscope as they arrived so they were dressed for the party and to fully enjoy the birthday party.  They got to take them home as a party favor.

If you haven’t seen Doc McStuffins tv show, it’s an adorable cartoon on Disney Junior. Here’s one of their most popular episodes that has aired featuring the “Be Brave” song.  It’s an adorable show to watch and of course family friendly.

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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    We took the birthday party guests on a big adventure like they would have seen as they watched the characters o the Disney TV show.

    Choosing what to games to play with Avery’s friends during the party was so easy!

    Party Game to Play:  Pin the band-aid on the Stuffy.

  • Step 2

    Party Game to Play:  Stuffed Animal Checkups

    Pretend to be the Doc and use a toy stuffed animal or baby doll to patch up whatever boo boo they are experiencing.

  • Step 3

    Party Game to Play:  Cotton Ball Toss

  • Step 4

    My mom made her Doc McStuffins birthday cake

  • Step 5

    For the Doc McStuffins thermometers, Lisa used string cheese and a red sharpie instead of pretzels.

  • Step 6

    For the Doc McStuffins syringes, Lisa used yogurt instead of frosting.  You can order the Jello Shot syringes from Amazon.

  • Step 7

    Doc McStuffin’s Bandaids

  • Step 8

    If you’re looking for some cute Doc McStuffins party supplies you can get them at Party City.

    It’s a fast way to throw a party together and compliment your DIY party ideas.

  • Step 9

    There are a couple affiliate links in this post as I loved the products so much I thought you would too.  Hope this helps you plan your amazing Doc McStuffins party!

  • Step 10

    Pin this party!


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