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Book of Mormon Food Ideas for LDS Seminary Graduation {free printables}


If you are in charge of refreshments for a LDS Seminary Graduation, impress your Young Men and Young Women with these Book of Mormon food. I’ve included my free file of printables so you can label each one! {squeal in delight}

Book of Mormon Food for Seminary Graduation Printables

EHprint  Print Free File Here:
Book of Mormon Food for Seminary Graduation (2620 downloads)

Instant download and printable file includes these 9 designs:

❤   Ammonade ~ Lemonnade
❤   Waters of Mormon ~ Water Bottle Wrappers
❤   Lehi’s Staff ~ Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks
❤   Title of Liberty Flag ~ Cupcake Toppers
❤   Nephries ~ Veggie Sticks {from Costco}
❤   Samuel the Lamanite ~ Rice Krispie Wall with toothpick arrows
❤   Iron Rod ~ Twizzlers
❤   Sword of Laban the Big Cheese ~ Swords {from Party City} and Cheese Cubes
❤   Tree of Life ~ Tree
❤   Fruit Desirable Above All Other Fruit ~ Fruit Salad

Feel free to use these Book of Mormon printables for your personal use. The Book of Mormon clip art characters in this set are provided to you with written permission from Time Savors. Jessica is so generous to allow me to give them to you for free. YAY!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$0 or Free
30 Minutes
Dinner Party
Free Printable

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    How to Make Buffet Cards:

    For the best results, click the link above to print these buffet cards and party printables onto matte photo paper, although any paper will do. {wink}  Cut out the characters as well as the gold buffet cards.  To assemble, attach the characters to the gold buffet cards with a “pop dot” so they stick out a little.

  • Step 2

    How to Make Samuel the Lamanite

    To make Samuel the Lamanite, I cut him out and taped him onto a craft stick, or a kabob skewer will work too.  Push him into a Rice Krispie behind his wall, and your all set.

  • Step 3

    Treat Bag Toppers

    You can also use these as treat bag toppers as they are the same length as Ziplock snack and sandwich bags.  The work is taken out of labeling your treats for you!  {I’ve got your back}

    How To Make:  
    For the best results follow directions above on how to make the buffet cards.  Add treats or candy inside and zip them tight.  Use for Seminary graduation party favors, Sunday School treats, or any way you’d like. {wink}

  • Step 4

    CONGRATS! Sign

    Create a great first impression with this A – Z Banner Template. The best part about this?  A – Z banner template is that the printable comes with A-Z letters so you can customize it any way you please!  It’s a free printable, of course.

    Simply print it out on any colored paper so you can use it or re-use it for really any occasion, party, or holiday.   I used this banner template free printable to create the word CONGRATS as a fun party banner in the church gym.

  • Step 5

    Water Bottle Wrappers

    In the free printable file are 2 sizes of water bottle wrappers. I originally made big ones for a standard size water bottle. However, we were expecting over 200 guests so we ended up using the small water bottles. Both sizes are in the file above.

  • Step 6

    Book of Mormon Clip Art

    The Book of Mormon clip art characters in this set are provided to you with written permission from Time Savors.  You’ll LOVE her activities for kids and fun printable games.  I ordered several for my family to play together.  {squeal in delight}


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    • Ali ~ You ROCK for taking the time to let me know there’s was a problem with the Book of Mormon Seminary Graduation free download. I’ve fixed the free printable file and you can click on the link to print it now or save it to your computer for later. {high fives}

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