Boost Your DIY Creativity by Following these 6 Pinners on Pinterest

You will agree with me that there is enough DIY related information already out there. Don’t you? The real question that pop us in our mind is from I can get more creative ideas? Whose DIY ideas are more easy and innovative? To bring you out from such chaotic situation, I have created a list of the most creative, experienced and unique DIY pinners on Pinterest.

Here it goes……

1. DIY Network

Followers : 140,000

DIY Network stands as one of the creative DIY pinners. From gardening, cleaning, landscaping to wedding and parties you get helpful DIY information. Can you make your own toothpaste? I just tried and made a toothpaste after following this pinner. Isn’t it amazing? That’s the reason it is on my top list.

2. I Spy DIY

Followers: 50,000

Jenni Radosevich from New York has always been a creative lady in her own style. Her inclination towards DIY has manifested into a website Her jewelry DIY ideas are really outstanding. Go creative with your nail paints, shoes and even with your hair accessories by going through her pins.

3. Do It Yourself

Followers: 3000

You will find everything at Do It Yourself. Get DIY related ideas for fashion, jewelry, bracelets, wedding, gifts, flowers, furniture and crafts. I learn how to make a dining table from pallets. Enjoying a cup of coffee on table made by me is really a wonderful feeling. Must try this.

4. Do IT Yourself

You will get incredible DIY ideas on sewing, decorating, kids craft, sewing and much more. I have learnt how to mend holes in knits and even try this on one of my apparel. Why not you even try this? It’s really amazing.

5. DIY Craft

Here, at DIY Craft, you get creative ideas on clothes, crochet, bracelets, Jewelry and other home ideas. Go innovative with paper and learn making flower wreath, spangled candle covers, gift boxes and much from paper. I made a heart friendship bracelet and gifted to one of my friend on friendship day. Have you ever gifted something like this to your friend? Do make this from DIY Craft.

6. DIY Invitation

Create innovative wedding stationery ideas at DIY Invitation’s of Australia. Learn DIY gift boxes, envelope of wedding invitation, candle holders from those empty wine bottles and much more. I even learn how to alter a wedding costume and make it look perfect. Even I did wedding dress alteration at Brisbane with the help of my wife.

You must go through all above top six listed pinners if want to get creative and unique DIY ideas.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
1-2 Hours
-- -- --

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Soften coconut oil first.
    Mix baking soda in it.
    Pour mixture in different jar.
    Let it cool completely.

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