Common Makeup Mishaps… And What You Can Do To Remedy Them

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It seems like the most embarrassing makeup mishaps tend to come at the absolute worst times – namely, when you’re out somewhere and don’t have any of your makeup tools handy.

But never fear – when you find yourself with smudged mascara or a makeup stain on your favorite outfit, there’s usually something you can do about it, tools or no tools.

At one time or another, you’ll probably experience one of the five common mishaps listed below. Because you’ve read this article, though, you’ll have the know-how to deal with them!

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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    1. Mascara Smudges

    Just about every woman has smudged mascara onto her eyelid or face when trying to apply it, and there’s usually not enough time to remove it and start over. The good news is that you don’t have to.

    All you have to do is get a cotton swab, wet the tip of it with a little bit of makeup remover, and carefully use it to dab the mascara smudge away. Once the smudge is gone, you can put on your eyeshadow and no one will ever realize that you made a mistake.

  • Step 2

    2. Makeup Stains On Clothing

    You’re just about to leave the house when you discover that you’ve accidentally gotten makeup on your favorite white shirt. What do you do?

    The thing you need to have at home to deal with this situation is talcum powder. Apply a little talc to the stained part of your clothes, wait five minutes for it to lift the stain, then use a clothes brush to brush the powder away.

  • Step 3

    3. Lipstick On Your Teeth

    It’s easy to wipe lipstick off your teeth, but how do you know it’s on your teeth in the first place? With this tip, you won’t even have to worry about that.

    Immediately after you put on lipstick, stick your index finger partway into your mouth, tightly wrap your lips around your finger, then pull it straight out. There – any lipstick that might have gotten onto your teeth earlier are now on your finger.

  • Step 4

    4. Frizz-Head

    If you ever discover that, despite your styling efforts, humidity or wind has made your hair frizzy, you can smooth it out on the go by applying a small amount of hand lotion to your palms and running them over your hair.

    Be careful not to use too much, though, or your hair may end up looking greasy.

  • Step 5

    5. Emerging Pimples

    If you can see or feel a pimple beginning to develop, ask yourself: Is there anywhere around here where I might find some ice and a slice of lemon?

    If you can find them, gently rub the ice onto the spot to bring down the swelling. Then, to dry the spot out (thus slowing down its growth), dab a little lemon juice onto the spot.


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