Copycat Candy Bar Recipes

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$1 to $25
1-2 Hours
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What’s your favorite candy bar?

Is it a gooey Snickers bar, or how about a creamy, salty Payday? Maybe you’re the good ‘ole Three Musketeers kinda person? Butterfinger?!

Well, Hayley (from The Domestic Rebel blog) and I have got you covered with all of those and many, many more. Plus, a couple spinoffs of traditional candy bars. Can anyone say, Biscoff Kit Kat Bars?! True stuff…keep reading.

Typically you don’t want to be thought of as a copycat, however, here it’s a good thing! When you’re copying popular candy bar recipes, turning them into a homemade concauction, and totally rocking anyone’s world who indulges in them.

Not to mention, topping the actual candy bar; these recipes definitely beat out the little piece of candy that you find in the aisle of any grocery store, gas station, or your kids’ leftover Halloween candy bag.

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