DIY Eco Dust Cleaning recipes

To get rid of the dust on your furniture you should use products which have long-lasting effect and don’t have side effects. However, most of the products sold in markets are full of chemicals which are bad for the health and create a number of conditions. These are also very harmful to allergy, asthma and lung disease sufferers. To protect your family from the hazardous effects of store-bought cleaning supplies you can make your own cleaning products using eco-friendly and safe ingredients. Here are some DIY eco dust cleaning recipes you can use to make your green cleaning products.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$0 or Free
30 Minutes
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Home-made Dusting Spray 1 – Pour all ingredients in the empty spray bottle, cover with the lid and shake well to mix them. If you want to make the spray smelling fresh or add the scent of lemon to it chop a slice of lemon and put it in a pan with boiling water. Feel free to add a couple springs of rosemary. Pour this in the bottle with the rest of the ingredients and shake well. Spray the furniture you want to clean from dust and wipe down with a cotton cloth is said by Fast Home Cleaners

  • Step 2

    Natural Dusting Spray – Pour all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake carefully to mingle them. You can spray this cleaner directly on the surface you want to dust and wipe down with a cloth or spray on the cloth and spread onto the furniture. This spray is very effective in removing dust and leaves a glossy finish without making streaks or being too greasy.

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