DIY Lego Head Pinata Template {instructions}

I like to make these pinatas as individual sizes for each child, ’cause they look ever so cute on each place setting! But if you want a larger ones, simply photocopy the template in a bigger size in a copy or print shop. The techniques below is exactly the same whatever size you make.

Click this link to get the Lego Head Pinata template, and download it for free.

Lego Party Ideas Birthday Pinata Printables by Bird Crafts


Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Download the Lego head template over on my blog, Birds Crafts.

  • Step 2

    1. Trace your pinata template onto a piece of cardboard.
    2. Cut out 2x head shapes with scissors for the front and the back, and a long strip to make the sides.
    3. bend the side strip around one of the head pieces and tape in pace with packing tape. Does not need to be perfect, but the neater you are at this stage, the better the head shape will be.
    4. Add lots of tape on all sides to close any holes or gaps.

  • Step 3

    5. Continue wrapping the side strip around the head piece until you reach the ‘neck’.
    6. Now add the second head cut-out to the opposite side and proceed as in steps 1 to 4 to close your pinata.
    7. Once you reach the ‘neck’ again, leave and opening so you can fill with candy and confetti. I used the cute brick shaped chocolate bar wrappers from the printable kit to wrap mini candy bars! Now close the opening with more tape.
    8. Cut small strips of crepe paper and make a few slits to form a fringe on one side. Stick each piece to the cardboard with sticky tape – Start at the bottom near the opening and work your way up the head. This will ensure the tape is hidden with each paper addition.

  • Step 4

    Finish it off by gluing some photo booth props (facial expression cut-outs) onto your pinata with glue stick or hot glue.

    You can get the printable photo booth props from my shop.

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