DIY Paper Crafts : Origami Jewelry Box Tutorial

This Origami jewelry box works as an ultimate and best organized way of keeping small things like earrings, pins, beads, hair clips and enjoy a tidy and clutter free dressing table. Invest a small amount of time in making this DIY fun paper crafts to do at home. Use this Origami Jewelry box for keeping your office supplies like stapler pins, rubber bands, paper clips etc systematically.

DIY Paper Crafts : Origami Jewelry Box Tutorial


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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Make the outer box with the handmade paper,

  • Step 2

    Watch the tutorial and make a box to keep the colored boxes inside them.

  • Step 3

    Take 7 colored square papers equal in size to make the inner boxes.

  • Step 4

    Watch the tutorial to learn how to make the small container boxes to be kept inside the long box.

  • Step 5

    Keep these small container boxes inside the long box that you made using the handmade paper.And there you have it friends! Your Awesome Jewelry Box is all set to adorn your dressing table and store all your jewelry box safely and systematically.


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