Diy Printable Milk Carton Gift Boxes

Make your own Diy Printable Milk Carton Gift Boxes using this free downloadable template and and your favourite scrapbook paper.

Last year I made some mini milk carton gift boxes that ended up being one of my most popular diy’s. I wanted to make an updated Valentine’s version but this time instead of showing you how to do all the measuring and scoring yourself I thought I’d give you a free printable template you can download and use. All you need is some pretty paper, a printer and some glue to make your own pretty packaging.

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30 Minutes
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Print out the free milk carton gift box template onto the back of your chosen paper.

    I used scrapbook paper that I cut down to A4 size and ran through the printer but you could also use some lightweight coloured card. If your pattern needs to be a certain way up like mine did, make sure to run a few test pieces through the printer first. I had to put my paper in back to front and upside down to get it to print the right way up. I usually draw an arrow on some printer paper first to mark the front of the paper and which way is up.

  • Step 2

    Cut along the solid lines. Score and fold along all the dashed lines.

  • Step 3

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