DIY Rustic Basket from a Crate

Do you ever look at something an know it should be something else? It just has a different purpose in life.  The other day I was in my craft shop trying to figure out some Easter decor ideas for my house. I knew I wanted to make some moss covered eggs, but I needed something to set them in.  This little crate just screamed out of my pile of “Junk”, I mean treasures, begging to be used.  But instead of leaving the crate be the crate I decided to give him new life by turning him into a cute rustic basket.  Find the tutorial on how I made this little gem by clicking on the link!


Inspired From:

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    Give everything a nice coat of white spray paint. Once its dry hit it with Briwax to give it a rustic look. Then using a heavy duty staple gun nail the sides {t1 11 wood} onto the crate.

  • Step 2

    Once you have it together you need to add some wire to the top. I used rusty wire giving it a perfect finishing touch. I curled the ends to hold the wire in place!

  • Step 3

    To finish it off I made some moss covered Easter eggs to sit in the basket just in time for Easter! Then I can take it out and redecorate the basket as the season changes!!
    Make sure you stop by my blog for more details on how this basket came to be!


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