DIY School Lunches Erasable Menu Board

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$0 or Free
30 Minutes
-- -- School

I am sharing with you a great craft that help me to get organized my kids school lunches. This is a DIY Erasable Menu Board, which will help you to plan ahead your kid’s lunches for a week. It worked beautifully for me. Now I am organized and prepared. It’s perfect for making Bento, but you can also use it for regular lunches or you can even plan your kid’s whole menu of the week, including breakfast and dinner. Also is earth friendly, because you only have to print once.

You Will Need...

  • 1. A Photo 8x10 photo frame, without mat.
  • 2. Scissors.
  • 3. Erase Marker (I prefer the wet erase marker).
  • 4. About 3.5” long elastic band.
  • 5. Fara Party Design FREE PRINTABLE- School Lunches Menu Template. (English version or Spanish version)

Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    1. Cut out the printable and put it aside.

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