Easy Cookie Monster and Elmo Cupcakes


Make easy, homemade Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes with just a few items! Not great at decorating cakes? That’s not a problem because these unique Sesame cupcakes use sprinkles for the faces. The ingredients are easy and the cupcakes turn out great! It’s a fun activity to do with your toddler or a great party dessert!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$0 or Free
30 Minutes
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Step by Step Instructions

  • Step 1

    First, after the cupcakes cooled, I iced them. I was running a little low on icing, so I put just enough on so that the sprinkles would have something to stick too.

  • Step 2

    I filled two small bowls with sprinkles – one bowl of red and one bowl of blue. Then I flipped the iced cupcake upside down and dipped it into the sprinkles. I twisted it around a little to give the sprinkles a good stick.

  • Step 3

    On the Cookie cupcakes, I took a chocolate chip cookie half and ran a strip of icing across the edge of the cookie (the part that would to stick to the cupcake), and then stuck it on.

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